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Blockchaining the planet will allow scientists to optimize and protect vital ecosystems.

Globcal International

is an unincorporated international non-governmental organization that is manifested as a decentralized autonomous cooperative society and fellowship of goodwill ambassadors, cause advocates, civil service officers and diplomatic professionals from around the world. Our organization is based on our development and usage of multiple international foundations established in the offshore jurisdiction. All of our foundation's programs are based in the international protection and noble defense of people, places and things (customs, traditions) under common, maritime and international law as benign non-state actors. Globcal International develops and establishes fiduciary relationships based on international treaties and memorandums of understanding rooted in international partnerships, international private law and through our cooperative to fulfill the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; beginning in 2018 using blockchain smart-contracts developed around special international relationships with eligible international participants.

Declare International Legal Status

Become part of the international theater, join Globcal International by establishing a private international non-state relationship as a global citizen, an indigenous protector, a civil service officer or ambassador engaged with our non-governmental diplomatic state, events, objectives, programs, projects, and cooperative ventures to gain special travel privileges, special licenses, apostilles, credentials now and in the future working with partnerships dedicated to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Agenda through 2030. Cooperative membership will soon be as easy as patronizing natural capital assets (buying tokens) with indigenous nations while earning points in the form of cryptocurrency they can claim, save and spend.

Protect Indigenous Sovereignty

As of October 9, 2017 Indigenous People's Day, Globcal International will begin accepting new cooperative members based on a new highly secure cryptocurrency system involving human capital, natural capital, agroforestry installations, cooperative production, ecosystem services and mineral resources including gold, diamonds and coltan. The resources collected and developed for the protectorate will be used to create natural parks, conservation programs and protect wilderness areas near and adjacent to indigenous owned territorial concessions managed by native peoples.

Present Yourself

Ambassador Dmitri Demidenko.

Prior to the Internet and our current global ICT systems checking human identity and protecting international borders was a huge responsibility and big operation involving telecommunications, facsimile, and intense law enforcement efforts to interact with border control agents; the same is true today except now well-equipped border entry points in airports and border-crossing stations are online and using highly sophisticated credential verification systems which changed how immigration visa stations operate today. As of 2020 all border stations will be connected using fiber-optics and 5th Gen ICT connected to corporate, state and international entities.

Reclaim your identity with Globcal International through a special cooperative pilot program with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals have developed a new type of identification and travel document that belongs to the person carrying it and not to their nation-state or any of the agencies that belong to the state or any national government. The global citizenship program provides extended benefits and resources for all of our cooperative members.

Prepare for the Future

Globcal International's adoption and use of the blockchain for 5G, IoT and many other ICT technologies in 2018 with the native indigenous nations of Africa, Asia, Europe, North, South and Central America to develop an offshore fiduciary trust foundation to finance and develop short and long-term ecological relationships between indigenous tribes that live in their natural territories with international citizens through our tax-exempt and duty-free cooperative enterprise formation. Smart contracts are executed from the tribal commons by the earth guardians and individual indigenous forest officials using smartphones, GPS and apps with adaptive advanced technology to monitor and manage the most fragile ecosystems left on the planet. There are no cell towers, no telephone lines, no old tech to upgrade; just new technology which makes cell towers obsolete for places like the Amazon and other remotely populated areas. Wireless (towerless) technology like this is already demonstrated and functional in Australia, Ecuador, New Zealand, Tasmania and other locations introduced now by (Google Loon). Facebook Basic has a similar agenda instead of balloons using a solar powered wing that relays Internet to remote villages in Africa and other locations, these are the systems that will help permanently protect the planet from ecocide and the indigenous peoples from genocide.

New International Parks and Monuments

Our project is modeled very closely after a very successful environmental stewardship program called Iwokrama in Guyana, which was started by Prince Charles and the IUCN through the Commonwealth of Nations, it very close to our initial model blueprint project being launched now in early 2018. The greatest difference is that the projects Globcal International is organizing are directly with the indigenous beneficiaries charged with protecting their own territories and producing their own sustenance while operating ecotourism and cooperative agroforestry projects. Also we are capacitating the indigenous peoples by empowering them with recognition and their international rights so they can better protect themselves against wanton corruption and reckless governmental oversight. Iwokrama today is now using the blockchain to develop land registries within the international park; our advantage is that we are using the blockchain from the beginning and letting international stakeholders and indigenous residents garner the benefits instead of the Crown of England or a government.

Our neutral professional role with the self-governed autonomous and sovereign peoples is one of advocate, defender, educator, facilitator, lawyer, mediator, ombudsman, protector, and internationally as their own state ambassadors. As indigenous peoples living with indigeneity they possess sovereignty, self-determination, possess the right to govern themselves and protect their native territories as being autonomous; Globcal International simply assists these nations in being sustainable and making the natural ecosystem their primary income. Our project trains, procures equipment and provides support systems for indigenous villagers to take up essential roles in their communities and with international partners, exempt of national oversight.

Globcal International retains all supreme rights to protect these people, inform them of their special abilities as native indigenous peoples, advocate for their civil participation in the global economy and make them aware of how to best exercise their inalienable rights as natural human beings notwithstanding their nation-state as independent self-possessed tribal nations and sovereign authorities as their non-state actor and chancery.

Website Notice

Globcal International is in the process of redeveloping its online creative works systemwide to be consistent with our current development programs and agenda. Please excuse outdated and incomplete information, the website will become fully functional in early 2018, the transition is very conscientious and there will not be any broken URLs, so there is no need to update bookmarks, meanwhile most major resources online will remain with some format updates. Please note that the Open-Source website network no longer utilizes the [www] before the domain, all updated assets discern secure https with [www] and non-secure browsing without [www]. Report outages and errors to


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