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Introducing Individual Sovereignty and Non-State Global Citizenship

Ambassador Dmitri Demidenko in Geneva Photo

Globcal International is one of the most unique organizations in the world today because it has been formed and created to operate independently (notwithstanding) of nation-states and national governments. Our organization is established as a cooperative, foundation, commercial enterprise, offshore development and a legal civil society networked digitally via the social media and in real-time through Internet technology.

Officially we are a non-state actor (NSA) and cooperative international non-governmental organization (CiNGO), our character is further defined as a human capital development organization, a global solutions think tank, a creative microfinance provider, and a rural sustainability development institute that explores new solutions and policies for a wholesome and integral society within our new resource-based macrocosmic global economy. Our organization is most unique for its existence as an unincorporated offshore foundation and international collective enterprise governed by a fellowship of member ambassadors that are both autonomous and sovereign in their establishment of treaties with autonomous societies and sovereign peoples.

We began our history as a corporation of like-minded social media protagonists from around the world promoting the public diplomacy of hundreds of fellow goodwill ambassadors with international organizations like the United Nations, Transparency International, Peace Index, Greenpeace, World Nature Organization and dozens of others through our online forums on Facebook and Google. During the course of the last 8 years together we have collectively developed extensive databases, methods, contacts and have grown up with the changes brought on globally through the Internet and our new connectivity as members of our great civilization (somewhat passively); while we also gained significant experience with the successful implementation of a number of programs and projects some of which continue in the social media. We have yet to fully introduce all that we have developed or our programs fully or as amply as we hope and plan to when we are fully prepared.

Latest Information

Putting Our Collective Global Experience to Work for the SDGs in 2016

Under the guidance of our most notable goodwill ambassadors we created a fellowship which consists of our own founders and commissioners who together are taking the development of Globcal International forward in 2016 with some revolutionary new global perspectives relative to sovereignty, citizenship, independence, self-governance, self-determination, autonomy and natural human rights under the international law. Through partnerships and friendship developments we intend to create and establish model development project to promote sustainable development, self-governance and autonomous human settlements in endangered ecological systems and world heritage sites.

Ideally we are investing our efforts in program guidelines the United Nations agenda called the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) changes the world in a positive and peaceful way as the hybridized ideal of a global moral order which protects the planet, makes people accountable, creates human equality, abundance, and is ultimately resistant to corruption. Under the ideals of goodwill, friendship, and good global citizenship the good ideals could go much further by fostering good people, our ideals are facilitating hope for a peaceful and sustainable planet.

Globcal Offers the Best Accurate, Academic and Scholarly Content on Global Citizenship

Our authors and collaborators are responsible for maintaining a particular focus and philosophy for our membership that involves individualism which is not subjective or understood by other authorities in order to be both objective and remain outside the jurisdiction of religious, political, military, government and other civil parties in order to remain neutral, provide transparency, and be free of corruption or inside dealing which is all very difficult to keep up with considering the nature of cooperatives and friendships. For these reasons we are keeping our official guidelines up to only deliver highly developed works that are not 'too idealistic' or based in the spiritual plane, rather we intend to deliver only highly factual information and opportunities based in law, science and facts.

New Website Format, Indexing System, Sitemap and Schema

To remain current and demonstrate ourselves as innovators we are not taking shortcuts or adopting 'good enough' attitudes towards the Internet and its relative technology standards. To be current means to have a website that is up-to-date and actualized using current technologies, for our type of website it means having dynamic views and good well placed static "permanent links" to reference materials, current up to date "news feeds" and "blog feeds" for website users. During this 'update phase' we will be introducing nearly 5000 links to new resources for our members and 800 new links to documents for the general public and open-source website users.

Our latest work on our website is relevant because it incorporates the most up-to-date relevant Internet languages and future standards (thru 2020). The Globcal International website now uses HTML5, CSS3, MathML, SVG 1.1, WAI-ARIA, Microdata, RDFa, JSON-LD, DublinCore, Wikidata, SchemaApp, Product Ontology, OGP, and over 50 other web technologies utilizing extensible metadata understanding the norms of to confirm and to veritably manage the relative content standards as cited on our profile page under the 'technology profile' heading.

Our website in general will prove to be our most important work, we have always planned on this; but at the same time we did not want our activities online in the social media to suffer which have proven to be both essential and vital to our formation and international communication. The reality is that with so much online the good management of all of these systems has been difficult to manifest considering the number of social media platforms, pages and associated networks until we adopted good schema with both microdata and metadata tags for our most relevant work. Now with these new implementations our work can be better understood and accessed more transparently online, today it is much more important to be well-developed and well-elaborated as a permanent reference item than to simply have your work posted, with reasonable time our online goals are very attainable.

Globcal International is a Network Website

The Globcal International Network is a website, a portal and a gateway to other websites, services, products, programs, projects and people that are either members or associates of our international efforts cooperatively. We do not use the .com or .org domains for our root directory because we do not offer public commercial or organizational services online except to our own members or for our developed programs which do use both .com and .org domains as members of our network. The Globcal International Website is not affiliated or associated under any private commercial, corporate, governmental, religious or political efforts other than our own.

Because we are a network website and incorporate cooperative multistakeholderism in our development ideas we created a parallel 'three-level' and 'three user type' interface that satisfies the needs of researchers, members, and information consumers for free public use. Generally this is transparent once you arrive on our .net website, but for reference sake we use three landing pages and each is edited separately, our index page has been superseded for consumer users with our homepage, while our default and network pages are used for technical purposes and member users. Additional pages will also be developed for campaigns, events, places and current affairs.

Creating an Offshore Foundation for Global Citizenship Passengers

To fully develop our ideal of the creation of global citizenship we needed to investigate and understand the world from a different perspective than those who behold particular interests as the member of any particular nation, to adopt such a perspective we needed to focus on the ideals of the world's most peaceful societies. It may come as a surprise to many that the most successful sustainable social systems that exist in the world today are for the most part anarchist (devoid of state government); they include the Amish, the Piaroa and some 23 other successful ' peaceful' human societies around the world. All of these peaceful cultures behold certain things in common which we have grown to value in our ethics and formation of a decentralized international organization based in equality.

To do this we needed to dig through legal information from nearly 200 countries, research political and diplomatic policies, build a database of treaties and even hack into libraries and computer servers to gain inside information about our futures. Now only after several years of investigative research and the enactment of new international laws governing climate change, human rights and sustainable development are we ready to proceed with the establishment of a 'new' non-state cloud-based 'member owned' data warehousing system that relies on the impending social development under a globalized world operating under a single government based in the people that participate within it.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the 21st Century, A Living Document

Now that the ideal of global citizenship is technically legal under the auspices of the United Nations Bill of Human Rights, the updated Universal Bill of Human Rights for the 21st Century and other international commercial bodies of law (common, maritime, natural, divine, Admiralty law and the accepted United Nations Rule of Law) we need to exercise and manifest to create the rights that few knew they ever had. Unfortunately we need to steer clear of the authorities (governments) in the world (nations) that wish to control their valuable resources including their human capital which under the law is definable and applicable while within their authoritative grasp.

Know and Claim your Human Rights

Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status. We are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. These rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible.

Universal human rights are often expressed and guaranteed by law, in the forms of treaties, customary international law , general principles and other sources of international law. International human rights law lays down obligations of Governments to act in certain ways or to refrain from certain acts, in order to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms of individuals or groups. (Read More)

Manifesting a Global Citizenship for Fellow Idealists

To begin our endeavor we developed the Global Citizenship Registry and opened it this past October in 2015. Its purpose is to legally register people as "natural persons" that are politically neutral through their own declaration and understanding of the scope of our community efforts. Those who join the registry are given a certificate and a registry identification card that identifies them by number in a simple, 'but special,' HTML5 based registry file using Microdata and for individual persons that are not registered internationally as corporations.

Major New Developments in our Second Trimester

Our second trimester for 2016 begins on May 1st and ends on August 31st, our new fiscal year begins on July 1st and most fortunately we begin the new year with a clean slate and a new way of doing business using different types of international currency (money | credit systems) being ramped up supporting global and international trading including Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, WesternUnion, Moneygram, PayPal, and other systems including a 'primal one to one gold standard cooperative reserve bank' owned by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, the Guianas and the Americas for the educational capacitation and infrastructure projects within indigenous reservations, on natural un-territorialized lands, and within UNESCO World Heritage Sites they occupy.

Our special international Laissez-Passer credential (E-Passport e³ ID) will become available once we officially announce our global start-up enterprise from Vienna, Austria in the months ahead with the indigenous peoples of the world offering their goods and community destinations to our members as exclusive consumers through international representatives.

Official Start-Up Phase is Near

Getting started and having all the right things in place for a seamless and natural development during the present time and age has caused us to drag our feet for sometime to introduce our programs to the public and become a viable corporate world citizen among nations and groups that manage considerable assets. Our founders understand however that introducing a public program confers great responsibility especially one that is backed by a significant organization. All of our actions need to be accountable and integral to provide us with success. Understand also that we are very guarded with our development and can only assimilate new members who meet our transparency standards and can present themselves well enough in a neutral light as our ambassadors, its a tall order.

Now recently the motivation has changed and the organization is more inclined to move along quicker, new members and the signing of the world treaties and agreements this year on April 22nd bring new spirit and compassion to many about our future as a sustainable one and the elimination of climate change within 15-30 years. During this time we can expect Murphy's Law to be ever present as well as delays resulting in complications that cause us delays, but not any significant set-backs because of our resilient cooperative infrastructure.

Special Infrastructure

Since we are both an international non-governmental organization and a cooperative with a vital business plan that involves non-remunerated commissioners, a board of trustees, international exchange students, social media volunteers, and grassroots membership development we are able to invest all contributions securely into permanent foundations (villages, communities, small towns) that we hold, operate manage, or oversee which gives us the ability to constantly grow by maintaining loyalty with our program participants (despite tardiness which is inevitable with volunteers and even well-intentioned people) and keep costs and debt structure low at zero. The benefits of the cooperative also involve the free exchange of commerce between members, special diplomatic rights, travel benefits, and duty-free customs in most countries.

New Articles that Concern your Identity, Liberty and Legal Standing

Watch for exclusive articles and formational developments as they become available. As a cooperative membership organization most of our programs' direct and immediate benefits can only be realized as an active member. There are many different programs and project types that can be realized through our individual member representatives to their local constituencies based on the development of their relationships with our benchmark international initiatives.

Updated Website Sections and Membership Policies

For most current information watch for our 'new updated' pages on this website (will emerge without warning in the menus) and follow our blog and news feeds between May and August of 2016.

Globcal International Founders and Members
Cooperative Founding and Charter Members: Col. David J. Wright, Karen Cantrell, Luis Cruz Diaz, Michael Lawrence Sher, Maria Veneke-Ylikomi, Nicholas A. Wright, Sonia B. Ceballos, Benjamin Musunza, Frank Ludwig, Meena Persad, Vålen Gånev, James Pennington, Javier Jesus Vazquez, Deborah Levine, and Ike M. I. Khamisani.

Cooperative Members: Dmitri Demidenko, Djordje Marinkovic, Dr. Abeer Bilbeisi, Milorad Stancevic, Nikija Malialin, Maya-Lís Wright, Sahro Guntato Koshin, Julio Cesar Gonzalez, Ram B Khatri Kshatri, and Col. David Younce.

Associates, Legacy Members and Volunteers: Angela Benavides Garza, Ibrahim S. Ahmed, Israel Xchel Luna, Daniel Dank, Boban Jovanovic, James D. Garcia, Rene Wydler, Dragan Milenkovic, José Emmanuel Ledezma, Mauricio Martinez, Ricki Landers, Zoran Aleksic, John D'Amanda, Alan Wilson, Hira Ahmed, Arol J. Wright, William Trabacilo, Ricardo Meneses Pilonieta, Somchai Hermann Quint, Irmgard Megens, Lakshmi Krishnakumar, Folu Elegbede, Weber Alexandre, Antonino Francesco Landi, Astrid Franchiska, Francois Franc Verlynde, Emanuel Seretan, Alma Polic, Willis Namara Kabuye, Wakeen Edmonds, Bappusaheb Bhosale, Andrew Williams Jr., Ardian Kurtolli, and Shamsul Momen Palash.

In Memoriam: Ambassador Dr. Peter James (1957-2012) and Ambassador Dr. Babatunde Bello (1957-2015).