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Biography: David "Jeff" Wright

Ambassador Col. David J. Wright (Col. David J. Wright)

Col. David J. Wright is the principal founder of Ecology Crossroads and the visionary focalizer of Globcal International (intentional autonomous virtual society space, social network and community made-up of international ambassadors dedicated to cause based actions and delivering international aid) and is the founder of ecovillage community named Ekōbius in the Northern Amazon within the foothills of the Guiana Shield, most formally known in Venezuela as the Ekōbius International Cooperative or in Spanish, 'Asociación Cooperativa Ekōbius Internacional.'

This page is derived from a Wikipedia biographical article which was removed in 2010, for current information about the ambassador see the information further below the article. Since then a new article was started about the colonel by another third party on Spanish Wikipedia.

Goodwill Ambassador for Mother Earth

Ambassador Col. David J. Wright

Wright, started his current career in diplomacy and international environmental affairs as the founder of a number of non-governmental grassroots environmental awareness organizations and campaigns beginning with the Endangered Turtle Protection Foundation in 1987.

Ambassador Wright is not new by any means to public service. He was commissioned as a Colonel to the staff of the Governor of Kentucky under Governor Paul Patton to serve as a Goodwill Ambassador for the Commonwealth and has taken the position to heart later talking his way into working with the City of Caracas under the Pan-American Foundation in recent years to bring used computers from corporations in North America to Venezuela for school children. His Colonel commission was handed down to recognize his developmental efforts in the establishment of national environmental programs and tree planting campaigns, a focus area where he continues today in the Amazon and on the Guiana Shield.

The special program he has under development in the Amazon is developed to share specific knowledge with indigenous people so that they are capacitated to manage the ecosystem services and fragile ecologies that they live near and within. Wright will be introducing sustainability initiatives like FairWild, the creation of food forests with agro-ecology to teaching his neighbors about country living that is practical and appropriate for their rural lifestyle like canning, shoe making, and bicycle mechanics.

He is working with Globcal International now to build a pilot open-community experimental school where he can share some of this practical knowledge in an idea incubator.

40 Year History with Green Diplomacy

Early in his professional career the colonel was involved in environmental activism and protection of endangered species. He became active in Delaware's social circles and prestigious families like DuPont, Carpenter, and Copeland. He presided over a the national organization that protected endangered turtles from 1988 until 1992 until the protection of the whole planet overwhelmed his interests. He says his inspiration comes from when he marched in the first Earth Day awareness parade in 1970, at the age of eight.

In 1990 he was selected by Denis Hayes' Earth Day group in San Francisco, to direct the Mid Atlantic Chapter Office of 20th Anniversary Celebration of Earth Day in Wilmington, Delaware. Suddenly he found his cause of “saving the earth” at odds with the corporate executives and politicians he knew well socially. But this did not stop him from getting his first contribution and collaboration a week after opening the doors of the office, when Delaware Senator Joe Biden sent his donation of $2,500 and his local press secretary to help get the ball rolling.

David Wright on Earth Day, Wilmington, Delaware, April 22, 1990

His campaign efforts together with the collaboration of lifelong friend Mike Gallagher inspired over 500,000 of the almost one million Delaware residents to participate in at least one of the 50 events they helped coordinate. During the Earth Day week they set up the Delaware Environmental Awareness Exposition with the Christiana Mall where 240,000 people visited.

In 1992 David’s environmental successes inspired him to move on, attend the Earth Summit, develop new events, eco-expositions in malls, and rally mass tree planting campaigns each spring. In Fall of 1992 Wright injured his back and became partially disabled and was confined to a wheel chair for a short time.

In 1993 when he got the rare chance to organize an exposition that was deemed the follow-up to the Earth Summit the previous year, he began to get around with a cane. There he worked with the Commonwealth of Kentucky's office to help fill the exhibit hall and organize the three day conference called "From Rio to the Capitols," there he met Vice President Al Gore and Secretary Carole Browner of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Wright becomes an Ambassador for Mother Earth

In April of 1994 Wright shifted his focus to the development of a new type of organization that involved social cooperation and awareness education to overcome the global environmental crisis and he got his chance when the Mayor of Lexington, Kentucky sponsored his development of an urban forestry renewal project following an ice-storm disaster earlier that year. The program he developed distributed 250,000 trees to homeowners, farmers, environmental organizations and schools.

In subsequent years Wright looked for opportunities to generate awareness through his goodwill projects. His work and efforts were documented as national feature stories in newspapers, on the radio and on television from Los Angeles to Chicago to Washington, DC by 1997.

David Wright and Ron Lee Barnes at Franklin Mills Mall in Philadephia, Pennsylvania May 1995

In 1996 following the great storms that ravaged North Carolina he had placed attention on aiding natural disaster recovery with trees. He appeared on television and radio across the US and was even featured as an NPR guest one Thanksgiving.

By the year 2000 his cumulative work had resulted in the planting of over 13 million trees in urban America. He personally appeared at public events, schools, Rotary Club meetings, and at numerous dedications where he was recognized for his efforts.

In 1999, he helped to establish a youth charity program in California which was developed to assist a number of youth groups in fundraising with a donated merchandise program that resold personal goods and autos in order to fund existing programs.

In 2001 he moved his efforts to social interests and founded the Pan-American Foundation to extend the interests of Pan-Americanism, humanitarian aid, and education between English America, Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2003 he co-founded “Fundación Panamericana” in Caracas, Venezuela to complement and facilitate the efforts of the Foundation and worked as an ambassador and liaison between the Alcaldía Mayor of Caracas to bring surplus computers and sports equipment to Caracas preschools and primary school classrooms.

Simple Education Blue Collar Cable Guy

Wright earned a GED at 16 after leaving high school and attended colleges and universities at his own devise studying engineering, philosophy and biology. While studying he worked as a contractor for many different companies as a low-voltage and communications systems wiring expert.

In 1988 he received an honorary doctorate of divinity degree from the Mother Earth Church for his knowledge of philosophy and religion and conducted historical speaking engagements at a number of churches where he was frequently recognized as a pastor.

At 25, he started his family and moved to Delaware and worked as a field engineer for the local cable television company. While in there he earned a graduate nonprofit administration certificate from the University of Delaware. Three years later he and his family moved to Kentucky, it was there he earned an honorary degree in philosophy from Alice-Lloyd College.

Through the wealthy people he met working as a cable guy in Delaware, use of goodwill diplomacy, and becoming interested in endangered chelonians (turtles, tortoises and terrapins), Wright changed the whole course of his life to becoming a humble but well-know environmentalist.

Selling Coca Leaf Tea, Ethnobotany and Aboriginal Shamans

Today Wright has a small business in Caracas that makes and sells artisan teas and beverages including Triple 3x Coca Tea made with coca leaves since 2010.

Authorized Globcal International Profile Seal

He serves as the executive director and president of the 20 year old, Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation he founded, he is also co-founder, board member and goodwill ambassador with the Globcal International Cooperative, and of course here he is the focalizer and cooperative coordinator of the Venezuelan Asociación Cooperativa Ekōbius Internacional (Ekōbius).

Please see his personal introduction of the Ekōbius International Cooperative Association (EICA) and his works here and elsewhere for more information.

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