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Kentucky Colonels International

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Honorary Sovereign Order & Biographical Register

International Order and High-Commission of Kentucky Colonels

Kentucky Colonels International (KCI) is an independent unincorporated civil association, cooperative membership registry, and international non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting fellowships and friendships around the world between the honorable ladies and gentlemen who have been recognized as a goodwill ambassadors for the Commonwealth of Kentucky through their recognition by the governor with the distinguished commission of 'Kentucky Colonel.'

Originally founded in 1999, KCI as an alternative for Kentucky Colonels who wish to utilize and have recognized their colonelship commission beyond the jurisdiction of the commonwealth under diplomatic protocol. In 2008, Kentucky Colonels International began developing programs online and through the social media that promote the establishment of local chapters (brigades) of Kentucky Colonels in different parts of the world. Our programs and ideals have encouraged the independent development of over 10 chapters and branches, also called brigades (outside of Kentucky) which have become recognized for both their local and international efforts.

Globalizing Kentucky Colonels

Receiving the Kentucky Colonel Award

With the inevitable changes we have seen dominating our horizons with globalization, Internet governance, the social media we thought it would be most appropriate to utilize the resources available to us to help Kentucky Colonels be all that they can be, promote themselves, and thoroughly foster the ideals behind the our honorable commission. Members who join and verify their colonel commissions with us can can gain full access to a special knowledge library of diplomatic and personal development resources, travel guides, encyclopedias and handbooks. The library also has special resources used by international expats, perpetual travelers, and global citizens to gain freedoms and become more independent. When traveling to other countries or presenting yourself as a special visitor requires knowing the customs and often times special knowledge, skills and verification.

The "new" Kentucky Colonels International Commission is made up of 13 noteworthy and distinguished commissioners who live, travel, and work internationally as professional goodwill ambassadors around the world, they all work with a number of different organizations some of which are very well known, together they bring a global dynamic to our commission formation. Between September 25, 2015 and April 22, 2016 our commissioners reaffirmed practical developments and established a new lifetime membership program which allows Kentucky Colonels the opportunity to inscribe their name and other biographical details into a permanent registrars record in the Public Domain.

Membership Options

Lifetime membership with Kentucky Colonels International is based on a one-time donation of twenty-seven dollars ($27.00), the donation includes a special entry in the Global Citizenship Registry in Sweden, a Global Citizenship Certificate, a Registration ID Card, a static biographic RDFa dataset (webpage) written in JSON and a listing in our listing of Goodwill Ambassadors of the World Registry and an honorarium listing for International Order of Kentucky Colonels (IOKC) at the International Goodwill Ambassadors Guild (IGWAG) in Malta. This membership also includes full-access to Globcal International's Library.

RDFa dataset integration will begin on June 01, 2016, all those who sign up for lifetime membership will be forwarded an update form. The RDFa standard will be valid online for identity verification using schema.org and other biographical development standards through December 31st, 2030. All RDFa datasets work together with block-chain identification and other permanent records technologies for transparent cloud based data exchange.


As of May 01, 2016 this organization has been upgraded to provide personally registered biographic database cataloging services to notable ladies and gentlemen through the Globcal International Global Citizenship Registry located in Sweden. Kentucky Colonels who use the title of 'Colonel' or 'Col.' outside of the Commonwealth of Kentucky or online in the social media are all recommended to develop a third party biographical verification link and participate in the registry.

All entries in the Kentucky Colonels Biographic Registry are permanent (editable) records and meant to complement the CV,  résumé, social media profiles, other semantic web attributes of honorable men and women during and after-life. The online resource is maintained permanently active and can be edited only by authorized registry editors and archive developers.

About the Commission

Kentucky Colonel's Commission of the Honorable Karen Cantrell

The parties here are responsible for the development of this special international commission in affirmation of their voluntary union in friendship, wish to found a cooperative international non-governmental organization based on best practices and diplomatic protocol to honor and commend the careers and development of fellow members and friends named as Kentucky Colonels by the great Governors of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This commission was founded and chartered based on an open and fraternal fellowship of Kentucky Colonels.

All commissioners are voluntary members united in good faith through fraternity to come forth and promote the further and ongoing recognition of Kentucky colonels around the world to foster solidarity in the ideal of the benevolent and virtuous duty mandated upon us all as global citizens and goodwill ambassadors for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

To apply to become a commissioner for this organization or if you have questions about membership, please contact us directly by email for more details. Be prepared to complete an application, scan your colonel certificate and confirm your personal identity online to become a verified member of our voluntary international registry of goodwill ambassadors of the world as Kentucky Colonels.

If you are a friend and want to support the work of our international fraternity and formation, then please follow us online at our social media page on Facebook where we are finding colonels all over the world doing good works everyday. Our organization of Kentucky colonels internationally, this fraternal society and general effort is an independent non-state ecclesiastical order that provides professional personal credential service, distinguished recognition awards and certifications to goodwill ambassadors that are recognized in the news.

Disclaimer: Our organization (fellowship) is not directly affiliated with the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels (HOKC), a seperate private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established in Louisville, Kentucky in 1932 with a charitable mission at the suggestion of the governor called the 'Good Works' fund. All Kentucky colonels upon becoming a 'colonel' are given free lifetime membership to the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels after they are recognized as colonels by the governor. Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels' members are provided some membership services, an annual membership card, offers of memorabilia, pins, badges, medals, and regular special mailings in exchange for an annual charitable contribution to the Good Works Fund which provides grants to a number of good causes each year in Kentucky. Kentucky Colonels International recommends that all Kentucky colonels show solidarity with the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels by making an annual gift to this fund.