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Globcal International (Homepage Archive)

Addressing Global Issues with Local Action

What is Globcal International? From June 21, 2015

Globcal International Cooperative Development Commission is a model non-profit charitable cooperative international non-governmental organization (CiNGO) that has been placed in formation through the association of independent goodwill ambassadors, citizen role models, social-responsibility indies, and cause advocates from around the world in the interest of a free and good society. The organization currently under development constitutes the peaceful assembly of a multilateral citizen (public diplomacy) diplomatic corps based on a global democratic world-view.

Our newly commissioned organization is nonprofit, nonreligious, nonpolitical, nongovernmental, and nonmilitary in nature.

Socially Responsible Culture and Consciousness

Our new development to redesign our organizational infrastructure as a hybrid cooperative and international NGO is an innovative adaptation to cope with inevitable change compensating social network community development serving as the groundwork for free societal changes whose time has come.

Globcal offers the social media community something new that is a purposeful simple solution for integrating genuine social responsibility into their agendas as a matter of practice and at great personal gain as global citizens that builds character, integrity, honor, prestige, and authority in their community. Paying it forward and following through.

International Neutrality

As an international non-governmental organization that it primarily founded on academic principles for research purposes we do not endorse and are neutral on all issues relative to government, politics, religion, and military situation.

The new (global + local) effort we are developing and implementing for the general public preserves our previous organizational goals and philosophy as the core for operations in the online citizen diplomacy realm using social media. The new advents of today's ideals involve adding more publicly accessible participation elements (some spin) that forces the evolution of new human to human standards in nonprofit charity, transparency, public benefit, social network relationship building, and tampers with the organizational science of governments and corporations by demonstrating the power of human interactive cooperation in an open society.

Democratic Perspective and World-View

Our nature is to maintain our cooperative as an independent fellowship of individual global citizens that have been recognized as ambassadors of goodwill that have come together to develop projects that are qualified as nongovernmental, nonreligious, and free of private interests. All of our project developments are fully compliant with United Nations international agendas, goals and laws.

Goodwill Diplomatic Corps

Our charter signatory co-founding ambassador fellowship and diplomatic corps is a cooperative voluntary union of accredited individuals and bearers of 'exequatur' or 'letters patent' as honorable, credible, ladies and gentlemen of great virtue and good character; they are globally recognized as the goodwill representatives at the hand of crowns, presidents, governors, judges, chancellors, mayors, and secretariats of iNGOs.

Our newly re-qualified team has conformed to developing our new goals with a social media goodwill diplomatic corps agenda to make our effort more prevalent publicly capable of creating mutually beneficial and sustainable international relationships.

Our organization, (our goodwill ambassador commission) is currently finalizing and undergoing complete reformation in accordance with International Non-Governmental Organizational Law, the Model Non-Profit Corporation Act, and the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties between States and International Organizations and between International Organizations, 21 March 1986.

Highest Ethical Standards

Our charter commits Globcal International to meeting best-practice standards on public accountability and transparency in all of its operations and programs. All of our social media team and our field team are trained in protocol and policy.

We adhere to set core values, operating principles, and areas for particular attention under group treaties by other international NGOs. These include good governance, effective management, ethical fundraising and multi-stakeholder engagement. Specific reference is made to the expectation that iNGOs and iCoops must adhere to and respect the principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Our protocol committee ensures that all members of our commission in our development adhere to standards established independently that meet or exceed those of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the INGO Accountability Charter, and other legal agencies as applicable and necessary under our international treaty.

Online Projects and Workgroups

Internet Presence

Homepage and Website

This is a provisional website and is provided for informational purposes only. Current plans include the development of a special interactive site based on best practice and registered social engagement with ambassadors from all over the world during 2014.

Social Media and Social Content

The use of the social media are independent personal decisions of each of our individual ambassadors so you cannot necessarily find them on all social media platforms. We require all of our active goodwill ambassadors and volunteers to be transparent with the members in their service, and while actively engaged in the social media while working with charitable, endorsed and philanthropic activities.

Our organization supports interactional development in several platforms. Our current priority networks we work with together include Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Blogspot, Indiegogo, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, HootSuite and Twoodo.

Some of our ambassador team has suggested inclusion and exploring development with Taking IT Global (TIG), InterNations, LinkedIn, XING, Devex, and others to expand our contact development. Perhaps further along...

Global Issues and Focus

The Globcal International Commission focuses on the most prevalent international agendas and global issues as defined by the United Nations and the Globcal International Consensus Committee. The current United Nations list is available here.

Working Groups

Internally Globcal has a number of individuals, workgroups, and ad hoc committees that each ambassador independently develops to impulse their particular goals with experts, technicians, scholars, and scientists to design, evaluate ideals and ensure transparency, political and governmental neutrality.

Currently in Progress 2013

International Crowdfunding Campaign

January 2014 - Globcal International is preparing a crowdfunding campaign focused on the creation of a new project structure model for ecologically sustainable human settlements and intentional autonomous self-sufficient community development through cooperative education called e³. The project is online now at Indiegogo, on Facebook and Google+. Find out more!

Full Agenda Planned to Begin during 2014

International Registry of Goodwill Ambassadors

Globcal Goodwill Ambassadors of the World

The International Registry of Goodwill Ambassadors is a flagship biographical project and confidential directory that began in August 2013 by Globcal International which is scheduled to be completed in computer database format in 2014 and in April of 2016 for hard copy and library reference (if paper libraries still exist).

The database includes goodwill ambassadors appointed by individual countries, cities, tribes, villages, the United Nations, individual embassies of state, noteworthy honorary societies, and other well known international non-governmental organizations such as the Red Cross and Ashoka.

Online Globcal International operates a magazine, blog and social media program with volunteer ambassadors that promotes and inspires others with articles and stories about goodwill ambassadors from all notable organizations and affiliations internationally through social networking and the social media since 2009.