Global Citizenship Passport

Indie Global Citizenship e³ Passport

Now a personal ID that can be used as your exclusive key to gain access your telephone, computer, and the cloud. It can be used additionally to access locations that few have access to or even know about such as parks, reserves and resorts that are normally off-limits to the public.

Its an identification that makes a statement about your individual human rights as guaranteed by international law in 192 countries, across the seas and in the air. It is an identification that is also recognized in non-territorial regions........

ne that you can use to demonstrate who you are and that you are neutral as a tourist or traveller.

The song Imagine by John Lennon in 1969 was the inspirational result of a collective consciousness based on a democratic borderless world with peace as the elemental theme.

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

The "e³" is for expedition, ecological, and electronic, but it can also mean extra emancipation for everyone. Now everyone can travel more confidently and securely as would a freeman with lots of money based on your innate, inalienable, natural human rights and good intentions.

Our product is a genuine credential, based on your personal identity, it is not a fantasy, camouflage, false, or fake document as those prepared and produced by the World Service Authority, Identification Consultants, military groups or defunct nation states. It is not intended for fraudulent use or illegal activity of any kind, all documents we produce are based on your own qualified and verified data. We prepare travel document companion credentials for individuals, groups and families only; we cannot and will not produce credential documents for children or for pets.

Supplemental and Alternative Identification Protection

Globcal International is creating a customizable MRTD, RFID and/or biometric travel document and credential integrity system for everyone. In the development of a simple solution for our own staff of commissioners and goodwill ambassadors that travel frequently we have created a solution for others in the world to deter discrimination, racism and prejudice at borders and while traveling in other countries.

Our presentation on Indiegogo involves the recent real-life experience of one of our co-founders, Secretariat Col. David J. Wright who after living in Venezuela for 13 years had deportation proceedings held against him and is now forced to leave behind two children and his wife. The xenophobic discrimination against him under immigration and administrative law is a violation of the Venezuela constitution, his international, natural and common law human rights under UN treaties as an individual and in violation of his family's own constitutional rights as Venezuelan nationals. His pursuit of understanding and justice led our organization to develop and present this project as a solution to the problems he experienced.

The Big News

Your special credential id secures all your personal computer data, credit cards, identity and more all through your personal credential. The system we have in development is user programmable for the degree of security you require or desire. You can modify the program so your cell phone, laptop and computer do not work without the presence of your national passport or drivers license and credential within 2 meters.

An Experimental Integral Personal ID System that's Upgradable

Everyone wants to experience peace, freedom, and well-being during the course of their lifetimes. They want liberty from tyranny to create and pursue the lives they want, they want to be known and respected for who they are, (not based on what they are because of where they are from), we already know we are human and people are beginning to wake up and learn the truth about our existence.

Too often, officials charged with the responsibility of keeping our societies secure and civil they infringe upon our freedom of movement and our pursuit of happiness. Unless you are an American or were born in the European Union, then you are almost free. If you are not from one of the few trusted countries its likely you may be scrutinized or rejected when you travel even if you have official business because of the stereotypes we use to protect ourselves from our fears through security and authority, its part of human nature, even if it violates our ideals.

As an international organizational commission made up of goodwill ambassadors, volunteers and public advocates located in countries all around the world

International Citizenship through your National Identity

Generally most people and nations, through the United Nations, accept, confer and subscribe to ideals and philosophy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1958), the Rio Declaration on the Environment and Development (1992), Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007), and many other treaties and agreements that empower us and protect us as individuals. In reality we are all members of the United Nations because we benefit, model our activities and follow the norms developed and networked under their umbrella as the members of others nations.

Through the United Nations and the Internet we have removed our political and national borders to bring knowledge and prosperity around the world more equally. We have learned we are who we are, but we are still restricted as to where we can go as human beings, especially if we are from one place or another based on political national administrations (governments). Through Facebook and other social media we have managed to overcome nearly every political obstacle that has separated man since time began, everything except language, a natural obstacle which they are working on now.

If your profile there is well developed there you will be automatically connected with people based on your interests and pursuits.

More often today people want to be known for themselves, what they know, what they can do, their ideals, their formation, intelligence, accomplishments, and interests. Sometimes it also helps to know particular people too or be affiliated with a particular organization. We also want to be known as socially responsible sustainable members of a global society and not be persecuted or harassed for our ideals or for being different, we want equality. That's us, the people!

Creates security, convenience, personalization, and helps you make new friends for all the right reasons.

Dare to be Indie. Free youself!

Declare yourself, tell people who you are!

 The key to your personal sovereignty and individual freedom is to be someone, so that people show respect you for, this is never more important than when traveling and meeting new people. Often when meeting others we find, its good to have pictures, sometimes its pretty hard to believe some of the amazing and unbelievable things we have done during our lives. The same is true for your personal information that you may need to present from time to time to gain access to special events or special places.

Ambassadors, consulates, and specially invited guests of a nation or state know how important this is; they need a credential, like a special letter of presentation, a diplomatic visa, or a diplomatic passport when crossing borders to receive the appropriate greetings, immunity and protection to be able to perform their work. Human nature has taught us that those who are identified as to who or what they are doing when visiting a country are generally treated much better (more friendly) than others who are simply perceived as tourists.

Its true, when people know you are an artist, athlete, photographer, author, doctor, lawyer, scientist, engineer, technician or contractor they will treat you much nicer, and with much more respect. This only works of course if you present yourself well, have enough money to take care of yourself, and are healthy in appearance and character. It does not matter if you have dreadlocks, are black, oriental, or from an undesirable country? People will treat you better if they know more about you.

Perhaps you want to be known as a member of a particular organization or referred to in general terms, in most cases you have more advantages than a tourist.

Our identification system (passport or laissez-passer) lets you be known for who you are above all else! It demonstrates you as a special tourist, approved traveler or qualified human. Our document is recognized integrally in all countries via the Internet with our international membership cloud-database program via Google servers. It is valid identification for interstate (inter-country) travel, and it can be specially endorsed for visa-entry of restricted areas like national parks, protected national monuments, biosphere reserves, indigenous reservations, universities, United Nations world heritage sites and the private lands of many historical kingdoms which are sometimes off-limits to many travel itineraries.

There are some exceptions to travel as we know and are addressing with our system. Sometimes travel is as easy as getting invited and sending an RSVP. "There are still places in the world so wild that you individually cannot fly into or visit unless you are invited by the native peoples. An unwary backpacker walking or pilot flying low is very likely in 2014 to have arrows shot at them or be detained or injured by indigenous peoples in remote areas of the Amazon and New Guinea, as well as a few other places. On their lands only their laws are recognized and your country is not allowed to aid you, nor will they." Until now through our indigenous lands embassy project.

We also add other features and integrity developments that turn your personal credential into a PGP key where your personal computer accounts are locked in the absence of the credential booklet. The booklet can interact with cell phones, tablets, laptops and personal computers if you let it via RFID technology.

No matter who you are, where you went to school, who your parents were, what country you came from or what skin color you have. If you are a law-abiding natural human being then you can get a personal credential to complement your national passport.

Unlike regular passports that are developed by nations, our credential is a supplement that requires that you have a national passport, national ID or country sponsor from your birth nation or most recent residence. If you do not have a passport or have been refused one by your government then please contact us and we will ask them to provide you one. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees all people the right to leave and return to their own nations, as well as travel to the nations of others.

Our system incorporates much more data than normal country passports including up to 13 types of special credential pages. The integral system is based on a 27 point registry that includes electronic data, medical information, financial data and much more. What is displayed in the booklet and the RFID chip are customizable and discretionary.

DotCode technology assimilates readable embedded RFID data at airport terminals and private data is ignored because it is not queried or accessible to unauthorized personnel including governments unless through your personal authorization or through your smartphone, smartwatch, a pin, usb key or other personal mobile device..  

It would be a violation of your personal privacy for a government to require the amount of data in your personal credential from its citizens, but as you may know they are collecting it anyway in exchange for special privileges with their Global Pass. In some ways your custom personal id is a way of telling officials exactly who you are as it adds the definite purpose of your presence in professional form.

The passport is the most coveted and powerful personal document you own. Passports have been in use as a personal presentation document for several millennia, traditionally they were issued as letters by lords and monarchs and were prepared to be forgery proof with wax seals with intricate designs on the finest cloth and bonded parchment paper.

Since most of the monarchies of the world have been territorially dispossessed or consumed by the establishment and development of countries and nations; the state or nation has become the new official controller at borders and entrance points of countries in airports, seaports and highways. Through consensus several years ago, all nations have agreed to confer the development of an international standard to assist in the security of all nations borders through passports. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has become the organization charged with the responsibility of a foolproof passport standard.

One of our projects involves protecting the integrity of indigenous peoples and their culture because of their special rights and laws that involve their self-determination and right to exist on their native lands. Though they are within countries, their reservations cover large areas where no one not even your own government has any authority whatsoever.

Since security has become the new priority of the day passports have become big business for all countries

Its been tried before by Garry Davis with the World Passport, and the Iroquois Native American Nation were defeated in court from being able to use their passport because they were based on the ideal of a replacement government.

Human beings are not given the choice as to which country they were born in, we are normally born wherever our mother is at the moment of our birth. Where we are born, what race we are, what religion we are, and our socioeconomic status are all coincidental factors that need not determine our entire future; nor whether or not we ever become the human beings we really deserve to be.

Despite their agreements with the UN, nations discriminate. In modern India they still use the caste system, which is just plain illegal and in the United States they have visa lotteries, other nations check your socioeconomic status, and yet others only care as to whether or not you have a decent bank balance or income, and some countries refuse to accept tourists based on which country they came from.

You have no options as to who you are or may wish to become based on your family heritage, race, or whatever stereotype group you are placed in, no matter how smart you become or what you want to become. The fact is that the national policies and administrative security measures required to protect a nation is a complete obliteration of our natural human rights.

What if as a human being you choose not to be any race, not to be from any country, not to be affiliated with a political party, not support a government, and not follow a religious doctrine? Can or should governments, police, the church and military authorities require that we be subject of their business policies, politics, and practices? Can they legally discriminate against us based on where we were born even if their policies are anti-discriminatory and based on equality? Can they legally discriminate against individuals even if they signed and ratified international treaties and conventions promising that they would not?

Everyone deserves their personal independence and maximum personal sovereignty to participate equally as a socially responsible citizen based on their capacity as an intelligent and skilled individual living human being on the planet, without consideration of race, creed, religion, or national origin.

Its a brutal fact that all nations discriminate based on all of these things. The United Nations, Amnesty International, the Red Cross, Transparency International, and many other organizations have made it clear that everyone on planet earth has certain inalienable rights as a natural human being.

What if you are not in agreement with the political policies of the country you were born in? Millions of citizens in the United States including Native Americans are not in agreement with the policies and practices of their state and/or federal governments.

Get your personal international citizenship documents in advance for the coming one world government (UN) under our international accord as signatory parties of Agenda 21. Don't worry there is no chip implant. That would be unconstitutional in most countries, but moreover would be contrary to international law.

In 1992 with the Earth Summit and once again in 2012 with Rio+ 20, all the countries of the world, 93% of them, became parties in accord to the development of a global sustainability initiative which forces them to come together to protect and perpetuate all the resources of the planet, prevent global warming, and maintain a clean healthy environment.

Right now around the globe we are witnessing the final struggles to pull all the nations under one umbrella and governmental system that is friendly to the coming new development. There is no conspiracy. The initiative has advanced and is a priority project. Governments all around the world are conforming and redesigning themselves to confer themselves equally to the central global ideals.

We will see the elimination of corruption, religious persecution, political persecution, and many of the problems that face humanity. It's clear that we need it, and it is clear that not everyone is in agreement with it.

Global / Local Government

Your government is not as big as you may think! Real government is at the most local level in your own community, town or village; it is you and your neighbors and the people that live nearby. The size of your community and the number of people in it determine the amount of authority we have on the planet. This is a most basic and natural law and fact.

The ladder is complex because of our diversity and the terrain of the planet. Basically we (all the people of the world) either live within or outside of areas (countries), with different or varied resources that we each need, want, or seek in our interest or survival. Some of us live in woodlands, deserts, cities, slums, states, or countries that have particular resources that other territories do not.

Many of the resources we (you or I) may need to pursue our freedom, ideals, or survival are located out of our reach but through globalization and world commerce we have access to them in both trade and commerce. The challenges come into play when we decide to be part of the system that fosters these activities instead of existing and surviving based on our local environments, like an indigenous native.

When we chartered the United States of America, we were not in the process of founding a nation, we were in the process of becoming free and sovereign people creating a new world where kings, queens, and rulers had no rights. Thirteen distinct and separate colonial nations joined together to conquer the monarchs; they won their freedom through their mutual cooperation as a constitutional republic. The US Government at the time was a collective. Each state was a nation, had its own militia, made its own laws, and many states coined their own money.

Under law the federal government had little power, Washington DC had not even been built yet, the Philadelphia convention served as a guidebook among these sovereign states, each state was its own autonomous power and each person therein had an innate right and somewhat a duty as a citizen to serve within their communities and govern for a period of time. All these ideals were based on equality and access to the system based on equal individual rights.

Some people (those with power, wealth, prosperity, comfort) did not like or respect the ideals of equality and were basically ignorant of the feelings and sensitivity of people. So, while living like a big fat greedy pig consciously, they chose to disregard the cultural shift and movement toward our progress as good and united people with affinity toward our common ideals. This gave us the Civil War forcing compliance with the common popular ideals. Then they killed Lincoln so a new more powerful federal governmental system could be established and move forward, which it did.

We cannot disregard the laws of the land unless they are so unfair in the eyes of many and are changed through our constitution and democratic system.

International Citizenship (Freedom at Last)

Diplomatic Credentials and Travel Documents for Free, Sovereign and Emancipated People.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights acknowledges each natural person as a unique and equal person no matter their race, creed, religion, nationality, culture or sexual orientation. Only the UN guarantees everyone our complete emancipation under this declaration and law which was presented by Eleanor Roosevelt on December 10, 1948 to the UN and accepted by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

We (you) have the right not to be part of, or subject of a governmental authority, religious, or be subject of a kingdom or an empire.

The business of Globcal International is the delivery of goodwill and aid through the development of benevolent projects between international people in friendship. As an individual you too have the right to foster and participate in the process of the creation of a free world society. Our objective is to eradicate discrimination and free humanity from the oppression we face through those who claim authority over our lives.

The creation and development of our organization is based on developing our personal liberty as free-thinkers and idealists, proposing solutions under the ideals of cultural change through local community consensus (village), social networks, and democratic governmental principles.

Indie Inspiration

I am Ambassador Col. David Jeffrey Wright, one of several founders of an international organization dedicated to helping people become sustainable and self-sufficient.

In 2004 I emigrated illegally to Venezuela to be present for the birth of my youngest child (a daughter) and in 2005 I pursued my career as an environmentalist, a tree hugger, and an American revolutionary which is in my blood.

The public (discriminatory) policy of Venezuela and President Chavez at the time, was and still is, austere relative to United States citizens (referred to here as gringos). As far as some are concerned; we are all suspected agents, spies or intelligence gathering functionaries here to foil the revolution. Most Europeans are treated similarly as well and xenophobia has been instilled using political propaganda intentionally and unintentionally to defend the ideals and positions of the Venezuelan people.

Venezuelans are all good people who have good hearts and in general have overcome discrimination long ago. Caracas is a more integrated melting pot than anyplace I have ever known because cultures here mix so thoroughly. People here call each other fatso, skinny, old man, blacky, whitey, china-man, or any one of a thousand other names that would get you a prison sentence for racial discrimination in the USA. Here people address one and another using these denotations openly and freely without offense or insult. In my case despite being called a gringo here is considered a term of endearment and I like it because everyone who loves me here calls me gringo.

I enjoyed the rare exception of becoming accepted as a non-conformist, freeman and revolutionary with the worthiness of becoming part of the circles responsible for the development of new ideals for society. I was spontaneously accepted by the people here as their friend, neighbor and community resident when I became known for following the ideas of President Hugo Chavez by producing a beverage made from the coca leaf and selling it in the national capitol square, Plaza Bolivar.

My "Triple Coca Tea" infusion was recognized worldwide through articles and news reports in 2011 when it was first developed. It was sampled and provided to the presidents of 5 countries and was even sampled by Hugo Chavez himself and independently by Nicolas Maduro (Venezuela's Current President).

Despitemy general acceptance by the people here as a supporter of social reform, the ideals of Chavez, and despite being married to a Venezuelan citizen with two children here (ages 13 and 9), on March 12th, 2014 I was ordered to be deported from the country without prejudice by immigration officials and without consideration of my personal individual rights as a natural person or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which Venezuela claim's to uphold and respect despite natural law, the constitution here, supra-constitutional rights and their political and administrative laws currently in force.

Essentially they are forcing me (through agreement under duress) to repatriate to where I was born or at very least leave the country. I have been refused political refuge as an expatriate of the USA, denied nationality, and refused an immigrant visa despite being married by the Mayor of Caracas in a public wedding in the Capitol Square.

As a known goodwill ambassador and Kentucky colonel the authorities who were detaining me on deportation released me from custody on my own recognizance to voluntarily abandon the country and re-enter at a future date by obtaining a new 'non-tourist' visa through application through their embassies located outside of their country.

Currently I am trying to make the necessary arrangement to comply with their administrative order and desire for me to leave the country. Once I leave I will have to apply for a family visa, business visa or investor visa.

As a goodwill ambassador I am obligated to comply with the normatives of goodwill, but additionally I am protesting the discrimination with benevolence and leading by example so laws can be changed for everyone. My human rights are being violated and so are my constitutional rights, the rights of my children and of my wife, through awareness we can conquer the system together and become equal people.

Born Free to be Free

The ideal of an individual being equal to a king, a queen or other royal authority became a reality when the monarchs were overruled on a global scale during the time of the great revolutions of France, the United States and the subsequent independence of the colonies (still with reserve).

In the United States the constitution provides this authority of equality implicitly to all people of ach of the individual states. The United Nations further guarantees the rights of natural persons internationally.

Under international law every (natural person) individual has an innate right to complete and perpetual freedom from oppression and discrimination. This does not apply to convicted felons serving a sentence, wards of the state, those receiving welfare, or anyone that holds debts.

Personal Declaration

Your personal declarations of your independence from the state, church, military and as a debtor to banks are a formal necessity and technically free you from the global system. Royal subjects, elected officials, military officers, and clergy are not eligible for international citizenship while at their voluntary or obligated posts.

If you are subject of debts locally or internationally you must declare such obligations or clear your obligations by settling these obligations through repayment or discharging these debts through bankruptcy.


It is unlawful to prohibit acts not specifically prohibited by the law. It is against the law to develop and create false documents for individuals or documents that unlawfully represent yourself. The International Citizenship Laissez-Passer and ID card are legal in the context of the law if you are a member or supporter of our cooperative.

As an international organization operating from a politically neutral country with good offices, we have the right and duty to provide personalized identification and travel documents for all of our members and colleagues.


The differences between nations and the powers of the rulers of countries is enforced by their policy (politics and police) who may include border agents or national police. In many cases your constitutional rights of the national government exceed the current political norms. The job of governments involves the application and practical enforcement of their current policy under law; in some cases these laws are not consistent with international law or a nation's constitutional law.

The entire ideal behind the passport is to acknowledge rules and treaties, often biased and unfairly to protect a nation's integrity based on their current policy, preventing and permitting entry based on your nationality, culture, or ideals based on your life development and belief systems as a resident or national of a particular country. The business of nations is treaty based discrimination.

The Globcal International Passport (Laissez-Passer) declares your rights as an individual citizen of your own country, as a refugee, a stateless person, someone in exile, or as a dedicated follower of your own beliefs.

Commission Approved

All documents we will issue through this program are based on original verified documents provided by yourself and verified through various means including facsimile, telephone, postal letter, and/or email. An administrative fee of $100 will be assessed to applications that do not fully qualify. All approved applications are accompanied by a certificate of qualification that are personally approved by our commissioners.

Unlawful Use

Our product is not intended for illegal use, anyone found to use our passport illegally to commit fraud or trespass contraband will be reported to INTERPOL and the United Nations. All passports are issued on the basis of your verifiable valid national passport, birth certificate, and sovereign declarations.

Our passports were originally developed and designed to verify work assignments of our members (goodwill ambassadors) for deployment and presentation to heads of state and community leaders. They are not particularly approved for crossing borders or international customs.

Emergency Support

Technology and innovation with computers and communication have led to a revolution in access and reliabilty to communications in recent years. As a well-organized international non-governmental organization involved in the development of treaties promoting international freedom and a borderless world we maintain a 24 hour emergency office for members to request emergency funds, personal and legal assistance.

Optional Inclusions or Omissions

Ideally to be free of oppression you must also be free of authority and become your own leader, or the owner of your life in such a complex world with insecurities we face this is often a daunting task. None the less you can be free. Absolute freedom involves not being aligned with or subject of governmental or religious authorities.


Whether you are truly free actually depends on your personal obligations and how you personally choose to live as an international citizen. Practically and functionally we recommend that (at very least) if you are registered to vote as the follower of a particular political party that you un-register yourself or at very least modify your voter registration as an independent.

Other tips for becoming personally and independently sovereign or a freeman!

If you are a formal member of a church you may also officially renounce your alliance or declare yourself as nonreligious through our ID system.

If you behold unsecured personal debts clear them or file personal bankruptcy. Otherwise you can also claim solvency (capable income and credit record), which will attest that you are an active member of a societal system and economy and are solvent therein.

If you are personally indebted to pay back taxes to a government make an appointment to settle your debt (most obligated debts can be settled summarily for less that the actual amount if paid off in a lump sum). You cannot declare your independence if you owe money to a government currently under international law.

If you have debts like mortgages, secured credit cards, or other collateral debts declare them clearly as assets and personal property.

Demonstrate to others that you are personally solvent by obtaining a prepaid or collateral based credit card or bank card that is accessible through cash machines and banking centers internationally.

If you have unpaid parking tickets, fines, or obligations with municipal governments, cities, counties, states or communities that can incur interest under your voluntary admission or pre-existing obligation make sure they are fully paid.

We will not permit the inclusion of radical, elite or discriminatory parties or organizations in travel and personal identity declaration documents. Therefore you may not include organizations that have been listed as noted criminal organizations such as the KKK (Ku Klux Klan), Costa Nostra (Mafia), or Black Guerrilla Family.

The Globcal International Citizenship Passport, Identity Card and Laissez-Passer are intended for those who wish to become recognized based on their true identity and securely include more information than a regular passport. Pages within the passport are customized with personal information that confers your identity. You can include additional data including your international drivers license, commissions and honors, professional information, international treaties and quasi-governmental authority, group affiliations and other personal data that complements your personal identity.

You can fully or partially declare your individual spirit and commitment to your freedom and soverignty only if you truly are. Our application process is difficult and can involve providing extensive information for our file in Switzerland depending on the credential you are applying for.

Finally a special identification and credential document for unique sovereign, liberated, equal and free people. Finally a travel and representation ID that presents you as an individual and makes a personal statement.

If you have ever travelled or are going to travel someplace where you need to present yourself as an individual professional based on your personal achievements separate of your origin within the country after the fact of entering its borders then you need our travel document. If you are not in agreement with the politics of the government that you live under then you need our document to escape racial or stereotypical prejudice based on the country you were born in. If you consider yourself nonpolitical, nonreligious, nonmilitary, and see yourself as an equal to others then you need our documents.

The business and norm of governments is to protect its political borders, its ideas and politic of the day this involves the practice of discrimination. Business is not as usual because governments all over the world are in constant change and all are known to consistently and continually discriminate against individuals based on their place of birth, origin, residency, or nationality to protect the interests of their current or recent policies. That's why each country either 'requires or does not require' a passport, visa, or laissez-passer to cross or enter its borders which means that every country is in violation of human right's based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, specifically articles 2 & 13, which state,

Article 2:

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in herein, without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.

Article 13:

(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.

(2) Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.

The fact of the matter is that you have a right to be considered for entry to a country as an individual human being, independently of your birthplace or country of residence, and have the right to apply for citizenship in any nation you choose or be a stateless person if you wish. You also have the right to be acknowledged independently of religious ideals and history. You have the right to present your case at any border of any country where you are being persecuted politically or unconstitutionally based on your personal beliefs.

You may have been born in the USA but that does not mean you agree with the ideals or principles of the current administration or recent decisions involving the politics of the state. Maybe you are leaving the jurisdiction of a monarchy to take to the high seas or relocate in another country via air. Maybe you want to separate yourself from the politics of your state or the kingdom in which you live. No state can prevent you from reentering your birth country and you can always get your citizenship back, even if you previously abandoned it or expatriated for work.

The rights under natural and international law are abundant and your most basic guarantee to defend your constitutional rights among others. Each Laissez-Passer document comes with instructions and an information booklet that is helpful in emergency situations and allows you to embellish your document with addition supplementary details and information.

And that’s all there is to it.

Our personal travel documents are prepared and developed to conform with all International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Standards for Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD)s and Electronically Enabled Passports with Biometric Identification Capability.

Our credential is the only credential available that includes special endorsements, honors and certification sections which authorize you as an individual under maritime and international civil aviation law under your universal human rights.

Those who support purchase passports and identification documents will be forwarded a special application link, a PGP key, and be contacted by one of our cooperative staff members to build a personal verification file. Once your file is complete and we issue your identification, your file is sealed and definitely secured in our offices in a neutral country where diplomatic protocol is highly respected and observed in either Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, or Austria.

We will replace lost or stolen passports and identification documents for a fee of 250€ using a new passport number while your lost or stolen passport is reported as lost or stolen internationally. Renewals and actualizations are provided for the same amount using the same serial file number, all documents are valid for 10 years from the date of issue and there are no additional charges for actualization during renewal.

We will not permit anyone to apply for a passport under a ficticious name or without a completed application. All documents provided by Globcal International include your full name, mother's maiden surname, father's surname, place of birth, current nationality, current residence, current post (if ambassador), political affiliation, religious affiliation, occupation, marital status,

You may claim refugee or stateless if you choose not to have your nationality listed. If you decline to state political, religious, or military affiliation by default we will note that you are nonpolitical, nonreligious, and not a member of the military.

Each person must sign and acknowledge the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Globcal International Best Practices for International Citizens Treaty, and make a personal declaration to mutually respect, defend and uphold these rights for your fellow man.

You may claim refugee or stateless if you choose not to have your nationality listed.

Minimum fee: All processing involves a standard (minimum) 100€ administrative fee; incomplete applications and applications that are denied for any reason will be assessed this fee and the customer will receive a refund. ??? (need to work on this)

Bullet Points (Most important to crowdfunders) What you get?

Lifetime associate membership in Globcal International

Protective plastic passport or ID card carrying case

Custom options, colors, additional data, variables

Currently we are only authorized to issue booklets and identifications for Globcal International, the Goodwill Ambassadors of the World (International Registry), and for Kentucky Colonels International. We are allowed to print endorsements for members of organizations based on specific information they provide to us and may create custom booklets for well-known international organizations under authorization of their general secretary or president for their members.

Everyone qualifies for our identification credentials except elected officials current serving in office, people endebted to their own state or federal government, protected persons, minors, subjects of kingdoms, people who have national or international warrants or are on parole or probation.

Goodwill ambassadors seeking a Globcal International Laissez-Passer must be appointed by a mayor, commissioner, governor, president, prime minister, a king, queen or prince of a soveriegn territory, region or body politic recognized under international, admirality and/or maritime law; or may be appointed by the president or secretary general of an international/multinational corporation or international non-governmental to perform benevolent work on their behalf internationally.

Our personal identification program is developed so that you can clearly identify yourself and verify your identity as a unique human being, not vice-versa. We require that all minimal data is completed and that you fully disclose and declare exactly who you are. Anyone providing intentionally false or misleading information will be automatically declined.