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Worldwide Universal Compromise

Pledge yourself to global sustanability with Global Citizenship. Photo: Djordje Marinkovic, Serbia

Global citizenship is a new autonomous legal state of individual being that became possible and practical internationally with the new understanding of our human rights and the removal of state discrimination, brought on by emergent collective knowledge and social imperative. In September of 2015 the world made a promise to make global change with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) authored by the United Nations are supported by 193 nations and thousands of international organizations. Our program is developed to work in partnership with these international goals, global citizenship has become our vehicle for attaining them.

News Updates (2nd Trimester)

September 03, 2016 Globcal International began to incorporate new elements of legal residency, non-state personhood, protected person status, and international work permits in the month of August.

Sign-up is now free, by taking a citizenship expedition pledge and provides users with limited access to member only resources and copyrighted materials for educational purposes. We eliminated the up-front registration form and the initial 13€ (sign-up fee) with a new international pledge based in the international theater (online only) free access to Facebook users who also have a Google+ profile who use their real name and their personal profiles. See the new pledge form below.

Now by making the pledge participants will have access to the educational program and even be able to apply for international scholarships and sponsorships involving new training programs qualified by the United Nations as international civil service supporting the SDGs.

We developed several new treaty projects to empower indigenous tribes and the International Indigenous Unity Flag incorporated with our newly reorganized international cooperative mission in Vienna, Austria. Other objectives are being incorporated within the Globcal International Mission office including the Goodwill Ambassador Foundation, Indigenous Peoples' Day, the Piaroa of Amazonas, Venezuela, the Amish of Bolivia, and over twenty other non-governmental, nonstate, autonomous human societies, organizations and initiatives.

In August we began working with the Piaroa, Pemon, First Nations tribal peoples and others like the Amish (known for simple living and sustainability) to understand their special rights and powers internationally under the new human rights and cultural freedom laws for global citizens working with their communities. Now forthcoming, we are sponsoring "Global Citizenship Day" coincidently with "Indigenous People's Day" this years focus is empowerment and knowledge as we introduce our development as a cooperative start-up that permits land based collateral investments within particular indigenous, aboriginal and other commons held communities globally.

Global citizens can be from anywhere in the world and offer a wide range of abilities and services.

On Global Citizenship Day, Saturday, October 8th we will introduce our fully updated website with over 100 new resource pages thanks to a small grant we received to invest in technology and use the social media more integrally. The web resources will supplement the library and forum which is available to those who sign the pledge.

Global (Non-State) Peace and Cosmopolitan Ideals

Since we began last October our organization Globcal International chartered a legal formation of an 'international politically neutral' Global Citizenship Register in practice and reality to prepare our organization to serve as a legal open declaratory agenda (socio-global grassroots formation) that is established as a nongovernmental offshore cooperative foundation and non-state actor to be completely independent of governmental authority and jurisdiction. We formed it as an institution where each member is an equal too!

Global citizenship in our presentation is a tool for personal empowerment and a badge to tell others that you understand the global ethic and are entitled to recognition as a natural person with all of their universal human rights notwithstanding the nation-state or the current politics of their birth nation. Global citizenship for us is an ideal state of universal acceptance for potential new residents, travelers, visitors, businesspeople and migrants of nations around the world that wish to live as world citizens with common global interests.

Universal Acceptance

Global citizens shall travel with a our new global citizen visa or our e-passport product to over 10,000 destinations and can work in any one of over 100,000 different programs that will occur globally in the next 15 years all over the world that support the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Global citizens will qualify for special services while abroad in host nations where we have ambassadors.

Universal Education

Global citizenship may come naturally for many because their hearts and minds are already aligned with the understanding of a universal global ethic that promotes peace, sustainability, equality, education, and our environment. For many however depending on their worldview and recent experiences global citizenship needs to be learned through unlearning nationalist and cultural values that would be considered discriminatory in today's world.

Free & Fair Trade

The ideals of cosmopolitanism and liberal globalization differ significantly from past legal systems and commercial understanding where customs and duties facilitated governmental (state) involvement. Generally under our program global citizens that are active and aware of the information available to them are exempt from trade tariffs, duties, customs and taxes, our platform promotes and greatly facilitates laissez-faire laissez-passer commerce between members internationally.

Is it Legal?

Silvanna Lazzeri, the first global citizen registered in Sweden from Mexico City.

Global citizenship began over 50 years ago and was a reality for sometime, but not under the right legal context, it failed the test of law, and was developed under the wrong legal jurisdiction; both the organizations that offer(ed) world and universal citizenship are registered corporations that belong to the United States and France. Hundreds of people have been detained or arrested using the World Citizen Passport and the Universal Citizen Passport since 2005, both passports also appear on a fantasy passport watch list of potentially fraudulent documents.

Eight years ago we began our initial efforts as a research institute and borderless travel program for civil diplomats using an organizational credential admitted by treaty under a working ideal that is acceptable in law. Now with the new civil and human rights enhancements that were published on April 18th, 2016 by the Global Citizenship Commission, by June 30th we made global citizenship a reality as a legal state of being with our first 100 registrants.

We created and tested the 'proof of concept' for our own program between December 2015 and January 2016, the status is legal, valid and recognizable for travel outside of your birth nation while visiting any other nation in the world. It is just a matter of time and due diligence before our effort has all the elements and support we need to give birth to our own autonomous flagship.

About the United Nations

You do not have to support the United Nations politically or morally, indirectly all of us are involuntary members of the United Nations because our own nations all belong to the United Nations as its members and because legally we all belong to our own nations where we are registered as citizens. On the other hand our organization and program development is not a subject member nation or organization of the United Nations like your nation probably is as are all the corporations and organizations within your own state. Our organization is registered and listed with the United Nations as a civil society organization that is a non-state actor. This combination of factors give us the right to call ourselves a decentralized autonomous cooperative organization.

Global Citizenship Registration ID

Our project is created to serve as a special pilot program to facilitate global citizens in their travel who are involved in person-to-person diplomacy, international cooperation, sustainable development, global aid campaigns, environmental conservation, and the protection of indigenous peoples from June 30, 2017 until December 31, 2030. The global citizen partnership program under formation is developed to provide special international rights and services for those who are admitted and learn how to use the status to their advantage.

What Else Must I Do To Become a Global Citizen?

Since we began the Global Citizenship Registry we have worked to extend our program to develop a qualifying bonafide identity credential program that can be used for business, tourism, diplomacy, and travel to autonomous enclave nations for pleasure, cooperative work, migration and education. Thusfar our project has been marvelously successful in developing a pilot program and gaining international acknowledgement.

The laws by which our legal process program is developed are based in the international theater and have no effect on your existing legal personality while living as a citizen within your own nation state.

By signing the registry you will be joining a global family and friendship community of individuals whom all have the inherent and inalienable lifetime right to self-determination, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. By fulfilling 'all the steps' required to claim your identity in all its dimensions members qualify to recieve for a fully qualified global passport, travel documents, and an international civil identity card that you own as an active member of our cooperative.

All applications are individually reviewed, processed, and qualified by a Globcal International Commissioner or Ambassador and each registry entry is independently audited by a member citizen based advisory council of fellow global citizens. All those who become registered as global citizens are automatically eligible to join our offshore international global citizenship cooperative (in formation) as a founding member to apply for their personal identification document

You may also use this form to register friends, family and colleagues too, please take note of the PayPal transaction ID number, please also use distinctly different email address for each entry.