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Pledge yourself to global sustanability with Global Citizenship. Photo: Djordje Marinkovic, Serbia

Become a Universal or Non-State Global Citizen

Worldwide Universal Compromise

Global citizenship is a new autonomous legal state of individual human existence that became legal and practical internationally with the new understanding of our human rights through the United Nations and international organizations.

Global citizenship allows you to own your personal individual identity as a natural person instead of your government. Becoming a global citizen does not replace your nationality while living within your own nation, it does however give you extraordinary benefits online and internationally to become involved in non-state activities.

Compare it to Dual Citizenship!

Global citizenship (non-state) was brought on by emergent collective knowledge and a social imperative for equality and equity of all living people. In September of 2015 the world made a promise to take steps to make global change with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) authored by the United Nations are supported by 193 nations and thousands of international organizations. Our program is developed to work in partnership with these international goals, global citizenship has become our vehicle for attaining them.

A Global (Non-State) Citizenship Registry

Our register is a simple ideal to bring together like-minded people who see themselves as objective, equal and united under the ideal of a single planetary resource bank where all people are responsible to share, produce, and conserve sustainably. Moreover the register demonstrates your will to be acknowledged independently and not as the subject of any one particular state or country.

Our ideal involves the promotion of all ideals involving the free exercise of our human rights at liberty of our nation-state.

Claim your Legal Rights and Personal Individual Identity

Global citizenship has been 'technically legal' since April of 2016 under the newly revised Universal Declaration of Human Rights for the 21st Century, the establishment of a Global Citizenship Commission and the implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change; among other bodies of international law and treaties. Our program began in October of 2015 following the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)s by 193 nation-states in anticipation of the changes beginning to be enacted between January 01st, 2016 and the current day, we moved forward and registered our first 100 global citizenship registrants on June 30, 2016.

The reality of 'global citizenship' while acknowledged by some world leaders, promoted by former (current) leaders and governments through their general treaty commitments to these international bodies under law; most nations still understand the 'global citizen' informally as an idealistic theoretical model of humanity 'state of human existence.' World or universal citizenship is not afforded for very well under existing statutory laws of individual sovereign nations (legal states) all which have distinct values and idealisms that are united through their interdependence, business and human social activity. Under the nation-state the human being belongs to the state as it's citizen (property) that is registered as a legal entity. The only way to truly make global citizenship apply to your person is to pursue it, act in absence of your nation-state or transact business outside of their jurisdiction.

World nations 'are and have been' battling internally (domestically) for the last several years resolving their own legal systems to better address discrimination, eliminate corruption and become more transparent with their citizens, some have managed this well and others have managed to create more corruption and disparity among their people. Through the SDGs and international law the ideals of global citizenship are being incorporated (or accepted) as all 193 nations have committed themselves to meeting, accommodating and implementing all the objectives of the 2030 Agenda. We have many living and active new examples emerging in Latin America and Europe.

New Revised Non-State Registry (Combined and Universal)Global Citizenship Certificate

Our registry program is an adaptation of the ideal of a cooperative society (legal association) that exclusively unites individuals (member ambassadors, supporters and consumers) from organizations, countries, states, counties, cities and villages that are officially (or popularly) recognized notwithstanding the government (state) to engage internationally as a society. Originally our organization focused this program on recognizing primarily those who were appointed or designated with the title of 'Goodwill Ambassador' for the United Nations and other significant internationally acclaimed organizations, with the advent of global citizenship understanding diplomatic law we can now extend our reach publicly.

This past July we began to introduce our updated diversified international citizenship development program under the name of Neo-Citizenship or 'neocitizenship' as our 'brand' of what we now consider 'non-state global citizenship,' under many of the same laws that states and others are now exemplifying themselves under the guise of intergovernmental organizations and multinational corporations. Our project applies and embraces the laws most vital to churches, missions, diplomacy, civil protection, refugees and civil migrant workers in our project formula.

Claim your Rights and Personal Identity

A sustainable planet through international cooperation and global citizenship. Become recognized as a natural world citizen, legally claim and control your personal identity as a registered sovereign citizen of planet earth, separate of your state from your identity under newly recognized understood international law, global customs, and human rights laws of the day. Fortify your human rights, qualify for new international privileges, benefits, and special eligibility programs normally only available to those who have dual or multiple citizenship.

Increase your potential, change your legal status in society.

Please complete the enclosed secure window form below or link to the original form here. There is a "one-time lifetime fee" to add your name to the registry of 27€ Euros (approximately $30 USD), it includes full access to our global citizenship library, an identification card, and a certificate to show that your name appears in the registry.

All applications are individually reviewed, processed, and qualified by a Globcal International Commissioner or Ambassador and each registry entry is independently audited by a member citizen based advisory council of fellow global citizens. All those who become registered as global citizens are automatically eligible to join our offshore international global citizenship cooperative (in formation) as a founding member.

You may also use this form to register friends, family and colleagues too, please take note of the PayPal transaction ID number, please also use distinctly different email address for each entry.