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Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation

Creating New Perspectives, Presenting Ecology Crossroads

The Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation, Inc. was founded in Kentucky in 1994 as a charitable nonprofit non-governmental tax-exempt organization established for the public benefit. Ecology Crossroads has been recognized and remains fully qualified as an organization established for tax-exempt purposes by the Internal Revenue Service under 501(c)(3) and as a public charity under 509(a)(1) since April 12, 1994.

Ecology Crossroads was established to promote conservation education, environmental protection and ecological ethics. Our organization was best known for having distributed 10 million trees to homeowners all across the United States from 1994-2001. Ecology Crossroads is a founding organizational member of Globcal International developed independently of the organization under the guidance of the governing board.

In 2005 the founder of Ecology Crossroads, Col. David J. Wright reduced the operations of the organization, moving it's focus to biodiversity, ecological integrity, and the natural history of the Amazon, Andes, Mesoamerica, Guiana Highlands (Guayana), and other areas where natural ecosystems protect and nurture Mother Earth from where it all began, at it's heart. With some creative people from around the world beginning in 2009 he established an international association of Goodwill Ambassadors called Globcal International, through an independent effort focused in world diplomacy, the environment, and the conclusions of the Rio 20+ Summit in 2012. Currently he is working on aligning these developments with the Post 2015 Agenda of the United Nations.

Join us now, in our "new world life projects" to protect the planet's ultimate remaining natural ecological resources. Also find out about our development programs. In 2014 we Restated Articles of Incorporation for our 20th Anniversary to file in Frankfort, Kentucky for 2015, a most adequate for our new 21st century and 21st anniversary mission.