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Goodwill Ambassadors of the World (GWAs)

GWAs from iNGOs, IGOs, States, Cities, United Nations, Social Media Networks, Educational Institutions, and Sustainable Municipal Regions

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Organizations all over the world have goodwill ambassadors serving as their emissaries to promote their ideals, show hospitality, and extend the hand of trust in friendship. Our effort is developed to promote, multiply and make popular these ideals for the benefit of all peoples. Goodwill ambassadors as of 2015 are being used by nearly 1000 different legal entities around the world. Goodwill ambassadors can be recognized from their work in representation of villages, communities, cities, states, nations, businesses, universities, non-profit organizations, international non-governmental organizations, religious institutions and individuals who behold the title and serve professionally as development directors or philanthropic consultants working with Globcal International.

Online we offer the opportunity for all ambassadors from many organizations to be recognized directly through our online publications and blogs without necessarily being Globcal International members by being selected as an "exemplary role model" or by referral through any member submitting a news article or creative work about an individual or their work. We publish these stories as posts, blog articles, in newsletters, and through the social media sharing networks. Since we began in 2009 we have published or shared over 15,000 news articles through a number of pages and syndication as Goodwill Ambassadors of the World.

About Goodwill Ambassadors

Wikipedia has an article which describes what a Goodwill Ambassador is and what a goodwill ambassador does. Check the links under development on our blogs and in social media platforms like Facebook and Google+.

United Nations Goodwill Ambassadors

Many of the most well-known goodwill ambassadors are those who have achieved celebrity status and have been adopted by the United Nations to leverage their celebrity to promote benevolent causes and address world issues. The following links will connect you to some extended descriptions and information about many of these celebrity ambassadors.

International Idealisms on the Internet

Globcal International was founded based on an ideal of "no borders" and a liberal attitude toward ethnic tolerance, social justice, and cultural diversity. Through our broad range of social media objectives we have brought together some of the most important issues facing mankind in the 21st century.

In promoting ideal that are international we seek to create a sense of equality and dignity among all peoples from particular model perspectives. Through public diplomacy online its our goal to influence others to see through the boundaries we all experience as members of society. This has led us to begin development in a number of area including promoting the practice of goodwill diplomacy and most recently global citizenship.

Social Media and Network Platforms

Mass communication is based on the rapid dissemination of informational materials that result in collective and general knowledge. Topics once promoted may be promoter over and over again based on public perception, sentiment, and collective democratic ideals. Much like the success of the "LGBT Movement in 2015" where people tinted their photos on Facebook to show solidarity and acceptance of LGBT people within the society.