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First Global Citizen, September 21, 2015

Globcal International

Change Your Perspective

Adapting for a new world-view of collective understanding with humanity. A better world is on the horizon as the Internet, technology and big data systems converge to promise mankind a stable foundation for better global systems resulting in a sustainable planet. The changes are unprecedented and inevitable as humanity evolves to become more civilized, technologically adept, and understanding of the emerging globalized world.

The world we want to see, is one that is ecologically sustainable; in as much the global ecology includes every aspect of life and existence, sustainability refers to the balance between the consequence of human activity and the natural resource providing ecosystem.

Our challenge ahead is to become integral members of the global ecosystem for the benefit of our own lives under the principles of socially responsible behavior. It is the purpose of our organization to help others adapt to the dramatic changes ahead in our global civilization and local societies that will soon be full of new opportunities as we come to assume our proper place, redefine and identify ourselves in a sustainable symbiotic "human one earth relationship" balanced with the rest of planet.

Cooperation for a Better World

Cooperation in a literal sense is relative to two or more parties working together to accomplish a goal resulting in mutual benefit. Our organization has taken this ideal to a new level by creating a legal international cooperative development in the form of a non-governmental organization and an offshore international foundation as a non-state actor. A legal state of global citizen cooperators with diplomatic relations as special visitors with cooperative international embassies around the world.

International Cooperative of Global Citizens and Goodwill Ambassadors

Globcal International is a development solution created by a working group of individuals that have dedicated their lives to promoting the ideals of peace, human rights, cultural heritage, science, technology, and the environment through goodwill, education and social awareness.

We are not aligned or affiliated with other organizations all of our members are equal natural human individuals; by virtue of our cooperative alliance with one-another we are all equal owners and investors in the organizational infrastructure and our global assets.

A New Nation based on Global Citizenship

Our ideal state is one that beholds well-being and the best life has to offer under a transparent fair government that is free of discrimination and respects humanity under the global agreements and acknowledged understanding of the international law. For those who do not want to belong to a corporation, the state, a non-governmental organization, the church, or the government there will be few other options, except to become a global or universal world citizen.

The solution was the creation of a socially responsible international cooperative society that is owned and controlled by its members, now we want to apply this cooperative principle on a larger global scale with those who are not bound to the ideals of the government. The unity under a grand scale project that is a non-governmental cooperative that is a non-state actor and self-governed flagship, creates the legality under laws involving jurisdiction under admiralty and international private law between individuals.

Only our formation allows members to make business with one another as individual sovereigns completely exempt from national law, tax, duty and customs through you as an individual natural person and a legal stakeholder in a recognized civil society that supersedes state jurisdiction under international law. The project we have underway involves taking the lofty ideal of being a world citizen under a new world government and makes it real through a complex legal process that delivers autonomy (without the government) from your nation-state without abandoning your birthright to a particular country.

World Diplomatic Corps of Goodwill Ambassadors

Online Projects and Workgroups

Internet Presence

Homepage and Website

It was resolved by our group in May of 2015, that our focus and presence needed to switch from social media representative participant with our ambassadors to becoming a social media network providing services for our ambassadors and members who have joined our effort as global citizens. This advent has provided a whole new outlook for our website as content providers. We currently have over 500 articles (of confidential, proprietary, and exclusive nature) about the most important topics on individualism and human rights.

This new exclusive international content (articles, pages, downloads) which is not offered elsewhere will be the new forefront of our agenda online beginning now, as well as providing a safe-harbor for our goodwill ambassador corps to operate their projects within a group (cooperative) program network.

Social Media and Social Content

The use of the social media are independent personal decisions of each of our individual ambassadors so you cannot necessarily find them on all social media platforms. We require all of our active goodwill ambassadors and volunteers to be transparent with the members in their service, and while actively engaged in the social media while working with charitable, endorsed and philanthropic activities.

Our organization supports interactional development in several platforms. Our current priority networks we work with together include Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Blogspot, Indiegogo, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, HootSuite and Twoodo. Recently we also experimented with Slack and other platforms

Some of our ambassador team have suggested inclusion and exploring development with Taking IT Global (TIG), InterNations, LinkedIn, XING, Devex, and others to expand our contact development which we have begun over the past 2 years.

Global Issues and Focus

The Globcal International Commission focuses on the most prevalent international agendas and global issues as defined by the United Nations and the Globcal International Consensus Committee. The current United Nations list is available here.

Working Groups

Internally Globcal has a number of individuals, workgroups, and ad hoc committees that each ambassador independently develops to impulse their particular goals with experts, technicians, scholars, and scientists to design, evaluate ideals and ensure transparency, political and governmental neutrality.

Currently in Progress 2015

International Crowdfunding Partnership

Globcal International is preparing a crowdfunding campaign focused on the creation of a new project structure model for ecologically sustainable human settlements and intentional autonomous self-sufficient community development through a cooperative global citizenship educational program called e³ which allows members to disengage themselves from local authority and work globally tax-free. You can find information about our upcoming projects online now at Indiegogo, on Facebook and Google+. Find out more!

Full Agenda Begins during the 2015-2016 Season
International Registry of Goodwill Ambassadors

Globcal Goodwill Ambassadors of the World

The International Registry of Goodwill Ambassadors is a flagship biographical project and confidential directory that began in August 2013 by Globcal International which is scheduled to be completed in computer database format begin in 2014 and by April of 2016 for hard copy and library reference (if paper libraries still exist). In early 2014 we began a new project that recognizes those who are noted for their achievements through the International Goodwill Ambassadors Guild, which is essentially and simply a hall of fame foundational open-source user project operated by Globcal International in Geneva.

The database includes goodwill ambassadors appointed by individual countries, cities, tribes, villages, the United Nations, individual embassies of state, noteworthy honorary societies, and other well known international non-governmental organizations such as the Red Cross, Transparency International, Global Integrity, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, the WWF, Ashoka and hundreds of others.

One of the goals of the project will be to meet and acknowledge the most popular and most actively influential celebrity goodwill ambassadors, messengers of peace, global advocates, designated special envoys who have been charged with delivering change and saving lives through international actions.

Online Globcal International operates a magazine, blog and social media sharing program with volunteer ambassadors that promote and inspire others with articles and stories about goodwill ambassadors from all notable organizations and affiliations internationally through social networking and the social media since 2009. You can find regular posts about stories that are submitted online through our blogs and the Goodwill Ambassadors of the World fan page on Facebook.

Website Construction Disclaimer

Globcal International is currently reconstructing it website and rearranging its website order of presentation, much of the information previous exhibited here can now be found distributed within other pages and sections. For ease of use we are in the process of reducing the amount of text on many pages and making better use of the Internet by incorporating apps and pages that are becoming more condensed for use with mobile devices.