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Globcal International

Globcal International is a "global and local" decentralized autonomous organizational network (enterprise) that provides universal citizenship services, promotes cultural diplomacy, protects fourth-world nations and is a protagonist of laissez-faire traveler's rights around the world through a voluntary blockchain based ecosystem of natural persons, places and things as they related to international law. Our organization is a multilevel multistakeholder multipurpose cooperative society ecosystem of Globcal International program members, associates, beneficiaries, cooperative owners, stakeholders and investors. (Learn more about Globcal International)

International Cooperative Foundations

Members engage themselves with Globcal International to gain the benefits of familiar cooperative professional support to build their personal image profile, excel in the social media networks, enhance public relations abilities or those of the organizations they represent to pursue their interests from a politically neutral and peaceful international arena based in private international law and person to person (P2P) relationships.

Globcal International programs work with the United Nations and the international organizations which support global localization, community government, nation building, statecraft, diplomatic consultation, socioeconomic design and sustainable development. The membership program involves legal 'unlimited' engagement within the "freedom jurisdiction" with other members intentionally and notwithstanding their legal status as citizens or residents of their nation-state, rather they are engaged as natural persons (cooperative owners or freeholders) under private international law, the laws of the sea, international treaties and the world rule of law.

Active members develop foundations under our offshore international umbrella (fiscal jurisdiction) based on our commission supporting affiliations or interests with a particular issue, program or topic being like-minded with our institutional non-state framework, shared similar values and/or moral imperatives to effect change. As an organization we are responsible for the administration of international human rights advocacy programs, guaranteeing environmental legal rights, promoting international cooperation, creating sustainable institutions and protecting native peoples who maintain their rights to sovereign self-governance through their indigeneity. International cooperation, educational ecotourism and development of sustainable primary industries are anchors for our global work. Globcal International does not admit itself to national governments or nation-states except by treaty, all affairs conducted under our international jurisdiction come under the authority of our international citizenship.

What's New at Globcal International?

As of October 15th, 2017 we are reconstituting our organization to take advantage of emerging technological systems to protect the earth's natural capital as a benign non-state actor working in partnership with United Nations, with several of their agencies and with other international non-governmental organizations. The result of the techno-reformation of our commission allows us to become fully independent as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), sell private international cooperative stakeholder interests, create new economic systems and become empowered as a civil protectorate state governmental authority on the foriegn affairs and world diplomacy stage.

Adopted by Native Societies

We began working with native indigenous tribes and in 2012 when we recognized Indigenous Peoples' Day as the Day of Indigenous Resistance for the first time and discredited the popular claimed historical achievements of Christopher Columbus. Several years later we established an international center known as Ekobius International to provide us with a demonstration facility and proving for our projects. Because of our constant contact, intercultural relationship and cooperation programs our friendship with these tribes has become more integral leading us to represent them internationally by building a protectorship so they can maintain their native indigenous rights to self-governance, sovereignty, indigeneity and autonomy.

Our most important industries are in human and natural capital development!

Primary Industry 1 (Indigenous Protectorship)

Protectorship development involves converting 1000 square kilometers providing a resource-based self-sufficient cooperative socioeconomic system for nine native indigenous communities involving artisan fair-trade and agricultural production. Globcal International essentially informs the indigenous tribal communities of their rights, provides them with capacitation and enables them to be permitted to engage in international free trade in global markets under international conventions. Currently our organization is making our relationship more transparent for us and more direct for the indigenous tribes to market their goods internationally using the blockchain and developing their cryptocurrency.

Primary Industry 2 (International Citizenship)

Contrary to popular belief so-called global citizenship is a legal state of being, it is not a membership program operated by the UN in New York, it is not a simple voluntary state of goodwill, and it is not a state of existence that can be attained easily. International, cosmopolitain, global, universal, or world citizenship is a state that is obtained by an individuals that can demonstrate their knowledgeable authority as perpetual travelers, they are experienced long-term expatriates, they are implicitly university students, they are also often hitchhiking hippies who have learned through experience the ability to travel freely using their humility and often granted not so well-understood exceptions that are given which are often cloaked by the national administrative code.

In 2015 we began the introduction of a global citizenship declaration and development program which was abruptly halted and reformatted to hold more legal precedence and authority, now in late 2017 and throughout 2018 we are reactivating the program for indigenous peoples as well as our members and alumni who fully qualify under the international law to engage as legal global citizens. Our 'new' program as of December 21st, will offer legal non-state identification credentials and travel documents for persons under a broad-spectrum of special conditions or as our members.

Primary Industry 3 (Goodwill Ambassadorship)

Our organization began based on a fellowship of goodwill ambassadors from a broad spectrum of cause advocates and public figures looking to change the world. As it goes with diplomacy much of our process for ambassadorship development cannot be found online nor can the diplomatic process be clearly understood because it involves many unwritten (unspoken) reasons when relationships are established under treaty. In 2018 Globcal International will be the first to blockchain ambassadors that work internationally with the United Nations SDGs campaigns as international civil service officers, goodwill ambassadors and global citizens.

Adapting & Modeling New World Systems

A "new world system" is not a conspiracy theory, it is a reality being driven by technology, politics and social engineers that are emerging with diversity and localization giving rise to new states and governance systems that are more transparent, functional, efficient and better adequated to address social inequality and create civility. The current system will change as have all systems that have come before our current reality, changes and advancements will continue and are definite. There are many challenges facing the greater civilization as technology replaces human capital, disemploying millions while creating new jobs for younger and brighter technologically adept workforces. Adapting to the new world means being part of the change to a better and more secure society through understanding the issues and becoming sustainable global citizens; it also means being prepared to take responsibility for your node in a global system.

Connecting the Planet and Protecting Indigeneity

Our common goals as we originally united as intuitive critical thinkers, pundits, and academics to form a like-minded cooperative society has been to bring equality, peace and sustainability to our world. Understanding the Internet as it shall become using 5G/IoT (Web 3.0) technology allowed our organization to project social models and research potential outcomes with the support of international participation using crowdfunding and sustainable economics. Between 2014 and 2017 we began remodeling our formation to accommodate more people, decentralize, and make a significant global impact.

Our focus has become more precise to focus on about 10,000 protected areas of which about half are inhabited by indigenous peoples who understanding their rights must become/remain integrated and sustainable in order to maintain their legal international rights to their autonomy, sovereignty, self-determination, intellectual property and indigeneity which permit them to remain as natives to live in mother earth's civil anarchy.

Committed to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development

To work in partnership with the United Nations we registered our organization as an international civil society organization (iCSO) and developed a document to work within the guidelines of the SDG Partnership which we are in-turn integrating with smart-contracts, cryptocurrency and the blockchain to work with indigenous populations on 6 continents through 2030.


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