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Sponsor a Class "A" Creative Work in the Public Domain

Authorize Credible Data into the PD with Our Sponsored Pages

When we began to form the foundations of our overall program it seemed realistic to find volunteers among our members to help us assemble, display and present our work and program developments; that is until we realized that to hold the (general) look and ethical permanent establishment we were looking for on the Internet could not be done unless each page is painstakingly developed to fit the Internet or Web 3.0 of the future. To develop such (futuristic) now semantic Web 3.0 pages as 'permanent objects' or 'things' and manage them correctly involves a commitment to necessity so we developed a page sponsorship program for popular subject topics, articles, programs and projects in our website.

To sponsor our pages sponsors or individual public figures must have an 'International Presence or Motive' that is potentially recognized without discrimination for their origin, sponsors should have a special affiliation with the ideal or subject matter being presented as an authority that has coincidently and transparently sponsored the original research and publication by one of our own independent ambassadors or authors. 

The most authoritative pages will provide 25-40 hyperlinks to well researched and proven sources that include three or more video sources and well developed permanent text resources based in considerate observation of law, university, politics and science. An article can be from 450 words up to 4,500 words for the purposes of this online resource, the articles are developed to serve to uphold the most popular and widespread consensus of opinion as well as focus on the most sustainable and practical world-view.

General page sponsorships begin at $1,500 Euros initially then $250 per year based on a 5 (page section) single semantic page; larger and more complex pages and topics can cost as much as $7,500, all topics are just as essential as others and there are many potential popular subjects to complete. We guarantee based on what we know today this is better than being featured in a book or a documentary for posterity, especially considering the other aspects of our global citizenship establishment program!

Creative Works Developed under an an Authorized Commission of Researchers and Students

A commissioned Creative Work is part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and becomes part of the public sector over a period of time whence it is developed (semantically connected) adequately, all works developed become 'Items' and can be things such as Articles, Artworks, Books, Photographs, Songs, Web Pages and Web Sites, each 'Thing' even email messages take on a new significance of reality despite being electronic.

Our development of the page sponsorship program is made to serve hundreds of thousands of people looking for particular and specific data including how-to information for highly classified principles that are in potentially high-demand for operating from within the international arena, notwithstanding the nation-state of the 21st century.

The information being developed here is part of a greater work that is incorporated under the ideals of non-state public diplomacy and values promoted by the United Nations and benign iNGOs working to achieve global equality and equity. Many of the materials expressed will only be utilized by our own members and consumers, either way as the sponsor of the work your name will be permanently associated with the 'Page or Pages' you patronize who will appreciate your effort to publish the article.

This is the "Main" section of a Globcal International 'public advocacy' page that include RDFa datapiles, encoding, meta and links to referential resources for the development of laws and public policy. This 'Main Section' may include an introduction to the article content or broadly treat a subject with current events, news links, videos and the like to prepare the reader for the information presented in the article. This is the section of the page where page authors and sponsors are cited. There are no advertising links or click through connections here up to this line below.

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Page Under Development

Make this Reference Page your very own authoritative work in Sponsorship

Become part of private international global citizenship, the contemporary world view and internationalist policy!

You can personally sponsor this page with an authoritative reference article under an official commission, all works are copyrighted and accredited owned by the sponsor with credit for a minimum of 30 years in the historical record. All commissioned works must be approved by our board of trustees as an article that develops consensus among peers, can be adopted as a matter of understanding among members internationally, and is of legal importance.

To see a complete sponsor sample mock-up of a completed Big-Data Semantic Article please review our page standard and see the various sections that are included. This area may contain any number of widgets, links, components and/or formatted information. This section is as customizable as necessary.

Gaylord Nelson on Earth Day.

This is the article section! This article section (authoritative work) can contain H2-H6 with emphasis using marked, bold, and italic text for emphasis. The article section is reserved to on-site links, Wikipedia, and limited off-site hyperlink destinations. The authority of this page is embedded here and the article is guaranteed in circulation for 25-30 years using the URI and semantic web 3.0 resource for this data-block. This data-block can contain extensive information all of which is vetted using RDFa and the Semantic Web. Sponsor's name and identity will be clearly embedded digitally and using block-chain development. We are certain these pages will be better than even a book, we see the Internet ahead!

Article Area Title

A work will be authored in your name, understanding the global consciousness and developed in such a way that it will serve as a broad rule moral and ethical principle for others to live by. The work will be utilized directly as a guideline for the practical application work of the Globcal International Organization (GIO) and will be utilized as the policy of the organization in its work with others in nations around the world.

All articles are static representations, permanent, part of the block-chain and are semantically integrated. Pages are developed using the most modern and basic principles on the Internet through the protocols accepted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and all work is developed in the highest quality compiled using HTML5 and the future draft of CSS, pages will also render using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

Article Subtitle H3 Category

Articles about popular topics that are relative to the international governance of human beings engaged in free, fair and mutually beneficial private business interests and activities outside the jurisdiction of their nation-state through dual citizenship and global citizenship adoption programs.

In 2016 with the presentation of our Creative Works publicly in book, practice and documentary form with the ideals of global citizenship and equal rights for everyone we hit a big bump in the road with Brexit and shortly thereafter the victory of Donald Trump as the POTUS. Now because of the reduced funding towards environmental efforts we had to re-tool our business model to cater to new development and implement new mutual benefit projects. This publishing and authorship program will create long-lasting integrity for the members, a great comprehensive work which will over the course of several year host nearly 1 GB of manually scripted and encrypted block-chain based data in the form of an active online 'classified data' book that can be printed based on a variety of circumstances for our members.

Our project involves the confidential exploitation of classified shared information relative to travel, freedom of movement, and investing internationally in collective assets located in other countries and owned by fourth-world nations.

You become the sponsor of the page permanently as one of the online Creative Work's collaborators as an authority!