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Indigenous Planet is a project developed by Globcal International to empower, capacitate and authorize indigenous peoples with their natural inalienable human rights and special international rights that only original native human beings bear while living in their natural territories since the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was established in 2007.

Our project enables indigenous peoples to retain and maintain their cultures, villages, self-determinism, sovereignty and diverse independent self-governed social structures by helping communities cope and adapt to international laws as the base for understanding rather than state law.

Our goal can navigate the pressures of civilization by establishing permanently protected ecological areas like biosphere reserves, national parks, natural monuments, conservation easements and world heritage sites into indigenously governed areas under strict understanding of environmental protection laws. Our program is an official and legal development opportunity for indigenous communities to internationalize their cultural identities, create sustainable international relationships, gain protection through indigeneity laws and become recognized as the planet's exceptional natural human beings.

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Aboriginal, Amerindian, First Nations, Indigenous, Native American and the Metis

All of these regional broad denominations for the first peoples are more than similar when we apply the common element of indigeneity; which beholds precedence in the law today. Who we may not be able to help as much are the peoples who have left behind, voluntarily abandoned or been removed from their indigeneity and native territories where they were begotten.

Indigenous or Non-Indigenous

Others: From a legal standpoint there are some other 'peoples' that can also be included in this group who possess special legal rights or powers because they possess indigeneity as a people; in part because their communities remain in-tact and have not been moved or fully incorporated into the common public society since before the founding of the nation-state. Some of these groups include the Amish, Old-Order Mennonites, Quakers, and several others still retain special exceptional rights as they pre-date the nation-state (which by nature wants to assimilate and unify all its inhabitants).

Most people believe that these cultures with religious roots retain certain rights because of religion itself, however this is not the case; they retain their rights to self-determinism based on their indigeneity.

What is Native?

As people it is a fact that we all have legal rights which most do not even know to exist in common law, maritime law and even in organic law that are implicitly understood internationally and universally, claiming and gaining these powers is another matter all together and a focus of our organization here.

Native peoples are at an obvious disadvantage living in a nation-state created of imposed foreign laws, courts, banks and the governmental control over their lands or territories. It was once believed by most tribal peoples that live uncivilized, misunderstood, wild, savage or otherwise naturally had no human rights in the lands and territories of their own indigeneity. While these attitudes and ideals persist today in the governmental psyche, protectionist laws have been ratified globally providing indigenous societies with special rights through the United Nations and its members, yet these laws are mostly ignored and desecrated by corporations, remote military officials and individuals involved in the clandestine invasion of their territories to purchase lands and strip natural resource reserves.

As one can imagine native people on their native lands are the last sovereigns the moving of indigenous tribes by the United States government to reservations far away from their original territories breaks the immutable common and admiralty law.