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Globcal International Membership

Cooperative International Non-Governmental Organization (CiNGO) Membership

Globcal Membership the Inner Circle

The Globcal International membership program was created to maximize and demonstrate the cooperative structure for mutual social benefit sharing using the Rochdale Principles and other new social responsibility business models. As a cooperative our services and work product technically benefit our members, but both through our unique development and recent reformation of our purposes benefits are extended to the general public and now the organization welcomes anyone who qualifies to become members in some capacity to benefit from our new emergent philosophy of social responsibility to create sustainable communities and societies world-wide under our formation.

Globcal International membership is unlike that of most societies, non-profit organizations, fraternal orders, civic associations and international nongovernmental organizations because we are a cooperative (which means that our members are the owners). Our greatest difference is that we are developed as a cooperative society that provides public service, advocacy and mutual benefit projects, legally speaking we are the first "Cooperative International Non-Governmental Organization" or (CiNGO) in formation.

Cooperative Organizers

In many ways we are essentially a independent cooperative organization that organizes and develops cooperatives, cooperative projects, and communities that are owned and controlled democratically by people based on the commonwealth principles of communities, collectives, and cooperatives. In the cooperative structure universal equality is commonplace based on the democratic one member, one vote system that we engage.

Goodwill Ambassadors

Our organization is founded as a fellowship of goodwill ambassadors from around the world online via the social media from organizations that have all voluntarily come together to establish a professional support network for their individual work and share their ideas. Intentionally through our cooperative alliance our organization performs research, develops substantial collective efforts, and promote the careers of our peers, but dynamically our union is creating much more by extending ourselves as world-wide missionaries of goodwill.

Currently our members and co-founders include goodwill ambassadors, former employees, and volunteers from the United Nations, Red Cross, Kentucky Colonels International, Amnesty International, Transparency International, and volunteers from a great number of other organizations and universities interested in promoting the ideals of universalism and international human rights.

Become an Ambassador

For many joining our organization the idea is to become a goodwill ambassador, advocate a cause, develop programs for charities, and actually go on goodwill missions to other countries. Globcal International fosters the development of such individuals who show promise and determination by appropriately assisting them in following new opportunities, acquiring credentials and training development.

Become a Member, Advocate, Supporter or Friend

Our cooperative involves the promotion of social charity, philanthropy, and sustainable human cultural philosophy through extended social networks and social media networks that place our collective active charitable endeavors and projects in direct competition with personal leisure and consumerism because it is equally or even more rewarding.

The development of Globcal is based on the ongoing study and conformance of multiple cooperative ideals involving western and indigenous traditional knowledge systems in order to create a single internationally accepted cooperative (co-op model) that can be operated transparently and do business anywhere in the world to facilitate its ideals.

Membership Classes and Categories

There are different classes of membership and different benefits available depending on your involvement with the cooperative. Cooperatives serve and are established their members, members can be owners, associates, sponsors, supporters, volunteers, or friends.

A Real Functional and Self-Sustaining Cooperative

Cooperators (shareholders) can enter the co-op by making a simple investment based on their desired participation level. Generally there can be up to 6 classes of membership in cooperative societies, the general membership types are known as follows: 1) Original or Regular Member; 2) Co-Member or Associate Member; 3) Nominal Member; 4) Sympathizer Member; 5) Minor or Community Member; and 6) Institutional Corporate or Non-Person Member.

For all intents and purposes from the 6 membership types cooperatively speaking there are only (2) two that actually matter, voting and non-voting. The names of the types of membership we have decided to offer are diversified as follows including one time shareholder investments and annual fees which are necessary in order to operate successfully as well as get off to a good start (this ensures mutual benefit for every member). We deviated a bit to accommodate our special hybrid trial structure as a non-profit charity, a cooperative and as a non-governmental organization.

Voting Members

Membership and becoming an 'eCooperator' involve working directly with the organization in an official recognized capacity as an advocate or ambassador that derives income for the cooperative which in turn compensates its member | owners who further invest those funds in their own non-profit projects, local charities, creating events through Globcal or to reimburse their personal expenses incurred through their activity with us. All active members are expected to work as a cooperative team member and individually in their personal familiar and online social networks to reach in a collective capacity certain goals with other cooperators. Generally this involves a minimum of 270 hours per year. (approximately 3 hours each every 3 days Mon-Fri)

Lifetime Active Participatory Membership
(Charter and Founding membership pay no co-op maintenance fees)

Fees may be increased at anytime with a 30 day notice to current members based on the increased value of our assets. As our project portfolio grows so does the overall asset base value of the organization as a whole. Currently the base share is under-valuated at $2,500 USD even though our total raw capital asset base far exceeds this amount by 3x. A projected new member fee as of September 21st is currently speculated to be $4,200.00 USD, we reserve the right to process in new members up to 10 days following this date.

Founding Member (Co-Founder) $5,000 (Last Date: March 31, 2015)
Charter Member $5,000  (Begins: March 31 - September 21, 2015)

Those who join as charter or founding members receive special recognition during the charter formation and development through mention and inclusion in press releases, treaty documents, the constitutional charter, and based on their professional curriculum, active coop involvement, interest are invited to become the initial officers, directors and board members. Founding, charter and regular member voting privileges are equal.

Participatory Active Memberships
(Active cooperators pay a maintenance fee of $13 per month or $150 per year if paid in advance)

Regular Member $3,750
Striking Member
20-50% down, balance paid in 12 monthly quotas
(voting privileges granted once paid)

Volunteer Members (Legacy Members)
Special membership class that allows people in third world, underdeveloped, and developing nations to become part of the organization and earn their way to becoming a full fledged member by taking on the responsibilities and roles of active members to earn credits and assimilation as regular members through a 90 - 180 day associate apprenticeship program that is mastered online through social media activity and personal appearances.

Non-Voting Members

These types of membership allow people interested in supporting the ideals of the cooperative without becoming a personally responsible member, to generally support the cooperative, our community efforts, new crowdfunding projects, charitable activities, special programs, become volunteer invitees, and even perform work on a seasonal basis as a cooperator, intern or as a student.

Honorary Memberships

Sponsoring Member $1000-10,000 per year
(based on project or activity being sponsored or promoted)

Regular Patronage Memberships

Local Business Member (Ambassador Sponsor)

These members can individually join for the year to work with us in special projects that we are developing with them or align themselves through the sponsorship of individual ambassadors working on particular projects.

Sole Proprietorship $250 per year
Small Business $250 plus $10 per employee
Corporation (5 or more employees) $1000 per year
Non-Profit Organization $250-$2500 per year

International Active Memberships

Special memberships that were developed to propel our crowdfunding initiatives and international ecological sustainability project using a new format we are introducing called e3.

Supporting Member
(promotional cooperative products, special gift,
annual report, official bulletins and newsletter)
$243 per year
Friendship Member
(friendship gift, official bulletins and newsletter)
$27 per year
Goodwill Membership* $9 per month (payable annually)
Social Media Member* $3 per month (payable annually)

Benefits of Membership

Those who support our capital campaign and initial effort to establish our initiatives will be invited and afforded the great opportunity to have active input into the formation and decisions in direction of the cooperative as well as the sense of being part of something in which they believe in and are real shareholders in.

Members recieve a wide range of services and benefits shared among members when traveling to a host country or on official business. Including letters, media news development, and membership support from a peer-network of fellow ambassadors.

Become a Member Now!

You can make donations for honorary and international membership or pay regular membership dues anytime online using Facebook, Google, Western Union or PayPal. Use your best method or visit our Facebook Page and use the Donate application located on the tab under our page header.

If you are buying into the cooperative to invest or to work in person with a project send your payment directly to David Wright or treasurer@globcal.net or you can use the Donate link on Facebook.

If you wish to make a tax-deductible collaborative contribution, personal donation, or are sending an open sponsorship contribution of over $3000 please send your check or money order directly to the project sponsor organization, who will direct the fund to Ekōbius and/or Globcal.  Make your check payable to Ecology Crossroads using the regular postal mail service to the following address (allow 10 days for processing):

Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation
c/o Nicholas Wright, Treasurer
302 General Smith Drive
Richmond, Kentucky 40475 USA


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