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This page is developed for Globcal International members and volunteers to identify, navigate and utilize special resources in our network website. Our network as a single extensive network (now based in Web 3.0 technology); however it is very complex and not completely accessible until our full release. To make the best use of this resource users should have an assigned email@globcal.net or posses a global citizenship registry id card which serves as a key and username that links together your personal resources and work with our network, authorizing your identity with transparency. Our system is currently accessible only to those who have a Google+ profile and a Gmail.

Our network (including the flagship global citizen project) currently utilizes over 500 possible individual data-fields to generate a very personalized verification file and confidential identity data-sets under your own control, we codenamed it our ePassport under our brand name 'Globcal e³' and have prepared our project with the intention of letting our product development replace state, national and corporate identification a with full acceptance globally for those who qualify. Using this data correctly gives our user members full access to secure distinguished private networks like the United Nations, the United States government and many other networks where we are linked securely.

Confirm Yourself in the Network (All Users)

To confirm yourself as a user in our network you must have a Gmail or any email address that is connected and 'verified' with a Google+ profile that uses your "real name" (minimally your first name and last name), in the near future Google+ profiles will also need to be verified using your smartphone, if you do not have already have Google+ profile you can create one by visiting Google+. Because our programs are based on creating valid international identification development things like online integrity, non-anonymous communication, and transparency are all required for all global citizen registrants, program participants, and international goodwill ambassadors.


As of April 22nd, 2017 we started 'new private groups' using our Google Apps for Business Forums (a paid advert-free service) to serve as an access point for special educational services and a subscription to our newsletter. For the service to operate properly you need to add our domains to your approved email list, set-up a rule, or add our domain to your contacts file. To resolve this problem Outlook and other email applications will let you directly import our VCard, Gmail will also let you import VCard Files, read the instructions. This will become much easier for everyone after it gets more complex as everyone is forced (someday) to to adopt and use PGP and GPG (OpenPGP) encryption with their websites and email.

Joining our Forum Provides Benefits

Network Delivery

By joining our Google Business Forum you will gain access to important global educational resources like eBooks, Power Point Presentations, photographs, videos, other offers and become enrolled to take the global citizen test once it is released in October of 2017. Those who join us and who are not members of one of these groups will be excluded from the mailing lists, access to the educational program, and their details will remain private to everyone except for other members. Those who do participate will be expected to follow the steps to maintain clear and constant communication with the group.

Because of copyright, privacy and licensing laws we are limited in how we can present, promote and distribute materials such as ebooks, pdf files, artwork, photographs and videos with others. Currently we can only provide our own materials under the Creative Commons Licensing Terms, we are not allowed to present materials owned or provided to our organization except to those who are members, affiliates or associates. The only way to gain access to these resources is by being a 'confirmed member' of one of the following groups.

Using the Network (.net) TLD Domain

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This is a 'network website' (.net) it is not a commercial advertising or commerce site. As a network we have other domain names for the organizations and domains we operate within this network. According to Wikipedia: "The domain name net is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) used in the Domain Name System of the Internet. The name is derived from the word network, indicating it was originally intended for organizations involved in networking technologies, such as Internet service providers and other infrastructure companies. However, restrictions were never enforced and the domain is now a general purpose namespace. It is still popular with network operators, the advertising sector, and is often treated as an alternative to com. net is one of the original top-level domains (the other six being com, us, edu, gov, mil, and org) despite not being mentioned in RFC 920, having been created in January 1985. As of 2015, (.net) is the fourth most popular top-level domain, after (.com), (.tk) and (.de).

To find similar, related, or associated websites and network properties in our network please refer to our Globcal International server page, profile page, or our table of contents (sitemap) which lists all publicly accessible documents and is also updated frequently.

Network User Responsibilities

Understanding the responsible use of global resources and the Internet managed schema ecosystem.

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All users admitted in our network are responsible for good netiquette. Our website during 2016 and 2017 will be adopting new technologies and adapting to global changes that call for 'people in general' all around the world to identify themselves individually to gain access to specially qualified liberties and freedoms as sovereign individuals that work on particular international missions and programs through this network. This is most important to our network users because our prototype experimental project with the United Nations qualifies them for special benefits and privileges. See additional disclaimer information and links below.

Eligibility for proposed visa programs and travel document style credentials like the Globcal International Laissez-Passer (Supplemental ePassport Companion Booklet) for visiting closed and otherwise inaccessible UNESCO World Heritage sites, indigenous reservations, national parks, monuments, international parks, and biosphere reservations will be dependent on this network and other websites that operate from it.

This section is subject to changes and updates periodically. As of July 01, 2015 there are no exceptions in our membership infrastructure, to work, earn benefits, receive payments, or be a cooperative owner. The cooperative enterprise requires a minimum cooperative investment (life membership) and/or an annual patrimony to become an owner/member. Members are finally accredited through a nomination process of the Executive Council and a peer review by the Board of Commissioners. All fully invested members that are up-to-date with their dues and work itinerary are the most empowered.


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