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The following news information is intended for pre-startup circulation and member reader distribution so all that involved within the commission as representatives, consumers, producers, distributors, and participants are all well-informed to follow the leads. Formal press releases will be issued upon actual commencement and presented here in 'old school' AP Style for World-Wide distribution once the project goes live on Indiegogo, Kiva, Generosity, Causes, Idealist, and others where a charitable development program will be launched by August 31st, 2016, also see our partnerships page (edited regularly) for pre-projects and advanced information. Official news releases will be marked 'For Immediate Release' and possess all the general format protocol and style that is universally accepted by journalists and reporters of the mainstream media.

Globcal International Commission News Bulletin and Update for May 11, 2016 (Updated Periodically)

Globcal International introduces a new research, verification, and framework structural strategy for public funding transparency of independent charitable social responsibility projects with the general public that stimulates global sustainable change and mass socio-cultural reform. The project provides people in poverty through their own indie community leaders operating from within their communities to innovate their lives in compliance with the new sustainable demands of the new emergent cultural revolution in humanity today. The framework prequalifies individual community leaders globally through the social media platforms and challenges crowdfunding, angel investment, charitable giving, and philanthropic social media developers and platforms. Pilot locations are under development in the Amazon rainforest and Mesoamerica for implementation in late 2016.

How it Works: The general idea in the social media world revolves around the generation, movement, recycling and presentation of information, news and ideas. The introduction of network user thoughts and achievements that gain reciprocal praise or support from friends and acquaintances through showing kudos for consensus views and commentary are the basis for satisfaction that is actively exchanged (this is part of our formula). This 'support' based within additional mutual interests and demonstrating the mutual efforts of helping one another is the basis for the establishment of new social network friendships (in global citizenship). The new framework addresses all of the top global goals simultaneously on the UN's global consensus agenda list and gives direct immediate access to the smallest community organizers and people in need in remote sovereign communities by bringing their projects (services and produce) directly to the cooperative member public bypassing their local, national and even international political systems that often prevent or muffle sustainable change because they behold special interests.

Team Focus: Our main focus today is to encourage the 'social media world' to help top "change agendas" like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the International Cooperative Alliance Blueprint for a Cooperative Decade, Climate Change reform and implementation, and finally the UN Global Compact on local levels that create sustainable socioeconomic systems, thereby fostering accountable ecological sustainable permanent human settlements that we can all count on.

The newly re-qualified team of goodwill ambassadors will soon be actively presenting a single nonprofit social media charity campaign development model involving global citizenship and international social responsibility specifically designed to promote a forward giving and charitable ethic online to get started. They are doing the project openly hoping others will copy their examples and participate in the development during their R&D phase to gain additional experience and manifest a grassroots movement. Participants will be able to access the project codenamed Globcal e³ on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, YouTube, and other social networking platforms.

Currently Completing a Reformation: When we began we never imagined how much our organization would change with the social media and the wave of universal consciousness that so many have found naturally and through their friends. Some of the re-evolution (revolution) of humanity has been compelled through international ideals and other aspects promoted locally through learning to break down the last  discriminatory barriers among 'the people' which we all are a part. Some ideals have been embraced so securely that they have become common terms (words) in our contemporary vernacular with great new meaning for everyone on the planet, the most significant of which is now 'global citizenship' where theoretically you are a citizen of the world more than a national citizen.

Thanks to great new internationally ratified updates this year coordinated by the United Nations, in the fronts of the environment, social change, human rights, women, and climate change the laws governing our identity and citizenship became a global one as legally equal inhabitants of the planet rather than our individual nations. Not so fast though, the changes simply create new possibilities, the laws also empower corporations to be responsible for their employees rather than the nation, the dynamic is diverse. For our purposes we want to see people own themselves through a permanent cooperative relationship as a member-owner in your identity.

Though the United Nations is making an effort to create a global database standard of those who are potentially world citizens, they don't want to be directly responsible for each of us vitally, except UNICEF that is which registers the vital statistics today. To our organization the ideal of a single global government will not fully emerge like conspiracy theorists claim, but we do see a global government emerging that is made up of many corporate and non-governmental bodies, including nations, states, universities, corporations, non-profits, cooperatives, and other types of organizations will unlimitedly hold and control their groups, and become responsible for them through life, sickness, health and death.

Global Citizenship Programs

Our Global Citizenship program was originally scheduled to begin late last year, however funding constraints and a lack of adequate insider information from the United Nations kept us guessing about what we could actually do without being considered in a negative light by nationalists and governments who are very jealous of their territories, people and belief systems that make them the places that they are? Now finally on April 22nd everything has changed significantly with the enactment of new international laws that drastically change our global perspectives of what is right or wrong, legal or illegal, and also what is good or bad for the world as a whole!

The new start date for our global citizenship initiative is set to begin 'now' in late 2016 when we establish a charter for our global citizenship from those names listed in the Global Citizenship Registry. Sign-ups began on October 09, 2015 and will continue through October 10th of 2016, the registration fee will increase on July 01st from 13€ to 27€. The registry is the first step of many in acquiring legal standing as a global citizen and acquiring global residency status.

Because of the high costs (up to $10,000 for the single production cost of a "legal global citizen" ePassport), plus international apostilles, and all legal requirements including local filings, legal forms, educational requirements, court costs, biometric data registration, medical archives, travel insurance, life insurance, and notarized affidavits we are presently redesigning (simplifying) our system to operate as an open-source development and within the public domain using Schema, rich snippets, Microdata, RDFa, Bitnation blockchains, and HTML5 with GPG. The open-source version of our credential and identity ownership system will be introduced following one of several conference events this year, once introduced individuals will be able to complete the legal and civil process for less than 10% of the cost of having a service agency and attorneys do it for you. The developers say the self-identity registration process is very complex and detailed involving 27-33 distinct steps.