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Our website is simple well-structured open-source online and does not set-cookies (old school), nor do we seek to invade your privacy so we try to comply with sets of standards and acceptable popular policies used by others to maintain our mailing lists and keep our information up-to-date. Our system is manual and maintained confidentially, no one has anyway of retrieving your email address or information you submit to us. Please excuse any delays, manual entries are reviewed and updated as frequently as possible.

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We can only give an email a "priority rating" based on your request for us to do so, by opting in (sign-up) you are authorizing our network to send you email and deliver (additional) confidential information about our services, developments, initiatives, projects, and programs. General information already posted on here our website should be already understood. Completing this form will ensure that your emails are not diverted as spam.

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By selecting to opt-out you are removing your email from all our data sets and unsubscribing at the same time for guaranteed removal please complete the form here and also submit a database removal request once you complete the opt-out form, the last question is voluntary but can assist in a manual removal of your name and email from our network if you are connected to us or members of our Goodwill Ambassador Foundation in the social media.

Anyone who has been in contact with us or members of the news media (journalists and editors) may be on our lists between 2008 and the current date, opting out will purge your name from the system including entries made to the forms listed below.

For more information about opt-out and unsubscribe can be found in the opt-out article on Wikipedia, where you can learn how to join the Robinson List.

Online Forms and Datasets 2008-2015

Globcal International began as the Model United Nations Social Network and Embassy (MUNSNE) in 2007 under Peter James, Col. David Wright, Roland Weiniger, Col. Scott Ables, and John Lopes. We became the Globcal International Cooperative in 2009 under new management and a development team of the active participants at that time including several of the same social media enthusiasts. Over the course of time we have accumulated a considerable amount of data which was submitted in good faith. All data submitted has become data elements secured for use exclusively with Globcal International, we never share this data, we collect emails of news agencies, editors and publishers. Our active forms for our programs are listed below.


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