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Pan-American Foundation

A Better World Through Education and Cooperation

Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in our organization. Please feel free to browse the pages that we have posted to learn more.

Promoting Cooperation Initiatives

The Pan-American Foundation was founded to fill a need for cooperation and understanding between the people of the Americas in culture, education, technology, business and to generally foster social values between us all. Our programs are focused on building bridges based on selfless ideals that genuinely represent cooperation based on goodwill and friendship resulting in a more capable population of citizens at both extremes.

Now Serving Corporate America's Surplus Disposal Needs

Our foundation is best-known as a public charity to the individuals and groups we serve in Latin America, but to larger corporations and governmental agencies in North America "Pan-American" is becoming known as a competitive business entity seeking to acquire a share of the surplus, salvage and reutilization market. News Release

We can show corporations and others that they can receive a higher recovery ratio by donating their surplus. We receive donations of surplus property, negotiate inventories, and make purchases of surplus lots to fill the needs of our clients. We need everything from fire trucks to school desks, whether we get it for free or have to buy it, we guarantee those who participate in this program a better end result." says, David Wright, Pan-American Foundation, Executive Director in Caracas. (More)

To meet our nonprofit programs' financial needs the foundation is seeking contributions of equipment, materials, used durable goods, and other reusable salvage property for immediate use and the future use of disadvantaged people in need.

To support our effort directly with a donation of surplus corporate equipment please send an email to our office in Caracas, Venezuela.

Public Services and Programs

To support ongoing development of the Foundation relative business has been developed surrounding our mission and incorporated to assist with necessary financial needs, all of our business related enterprises directly benefit nonprofit public programs.

In other countries these programs mean vocational training opportunities for some and employment for others living below the poverty level.


We are now accepting corporate and government surplus donations for redistribution or immediate use. To requisition or mandate a donation please consult our section on 'In-Kind' donations. Individuals can get more information on making contributions in our 'Donation' section.

NOTICE: The Pan-American Foundation operations were suspended in December 0f 2007 in light of administrative policy and political problems between Venezuela and the United States.