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Globcal International Partnerships

Associations, Affiliations, Alliances, and Partnerships

In 2016 we are building on 8 years of experience with international cooperation, globalization, sustainability, human identity and a new world economic understanding under a world-wide agenda through our "new updated" Globcal e³ Indiegogo Partnership since then we have developed other partnerships and came to more clearly define our affiliations, alliances and associations with other organizations to draw clear lines relative to responsibility, accountability and transparency.

Other partnerships we individually establish must run concurrently and harmonically with all parties, this year we have working understood partnerships that overlap here and boost our impact and relative success. Currently Globcal International is invested with several platform developments which could be considered partnerships, but since everyone has them they are not generally included.

Social Media Partnerships

Social media partnerships are created based on informal registrations and prolific use of these networks and platforms to fulfill our mission work.