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Globcal e³ Indiegogo Partnership

Become an equity-owner and cooperative member of Globcal International as an international goodwill ambassador or join us as a global citizen to be part of our world-wide efforts to promote sovereignty for the indigenous peoples, promote consensus based self-governance models, create tax-free fair-trade opportunities for native peoples, save pristine ecological regions, preserve traditional cultures, develop unique new tourism destinations, and foster the model ideal of ecologically sustainable human settlements. All participants owner-members and citizenship registrants can gain new opportunities, recieve benefits, and earn commissions for social media and networked promotions. Global citizens that become Indiegogo team promoters and associate members of Globcal International that successfully promote one or more projects are recommended for a public figure verified Microdata file (a $185 value) and a liberal nomination to the goodwill ambassadors program.

All members of Globcal International or those who are signed-up in the Global Citizenship Registry are welcome to participate in the Indiegogo Partnership or join our program by becoming a crowdfunding supporter for a project that we promote.

Terms: We receive funds under a variety of circumstances that residents of nations should understand about our Indiegogo projects and programs that we develop. We have three types of offers that we can fulfill through orders placed on Indiegogo.

Indiegogo | Globcal Citizen Partnership

In 2016 we are continuing to build on our 8 years of experience with international cooperation, globalization, sustainability, human identity and a new world economic understanding under an unstoppable globalization movement through our "new updated" Globcal e³ Indiegogo Partnership by incorporating ourselves as stakeholders through a new partnership in the United Nations Global Goals (SDGs) for 2030. Other partnerships we individually form run concurrently and harmonically with all parties, read more to understand about how we understand and regard partnership alliances. To boost our Indiegogo projects and partnership our organization has made commitments with a number of others including the United Nations, Idealist, and Kiva; additionally we have commercial convenience partnerships (co-sponsored incentives) with Regus, ZoomInfo and others for a personal identity project under development.

Globcal International, Indiegogo, Indigenous Peoples, and Human Rights

Globcal became an 'official' Indiegogo Partner in 2013, it was one of our first professional relationships that our membership agreed to; however when we began our first project we discovered many relative legal problems from a jurisdictional perspective and our inadequacies relative to preparation as a depositary organization that funds people's ideals. Qualifying ourselves was an arduous process which involved very graceful understanding of diplomacy, international maritime law, international commercial law, and other areas even with regard to divine canons of the Catholic Church, to name just a few.  As it turned out we learned over the past 2 (plus) years that for our purposes we needed to become a non-state actor in addition to being an international non-governmental organization (INGO), a cooperative corporate enterprise and an charitable offshore foundation all at the same time. Now after nearly 3 years of technical reformation and redevelopment while carrying on projects are we ready for new action as a unique team of great and inspiring people with lots of ideals and good intentions.

More Ready than Ever with Indiegogo

Indiegogo Logo

Despite our un-readiness during our ample-up phase, we accomplished a string of great successes between 2013 and 2016 which are now part of our business plan, model development and foundational projects. The successes include the acquisition of a large property in the Amazon, the sustainable development rights over a 25 square kilometer agroforestry project, we sponsored some indigenous sports teams, and created the foundational establishment of a permanent settlement (ecological village on 108 acres) within a protected autonomous indigenous territory not withstanding the nation-state. Economically speaking our cooperative controls resources equivalent to nearly five million dollars in assets since we began our reformation in 2013, funded and driven through wise decisions and investments by our founding members (listed below). The establishment of the ecovillage (as recognized municipality and subdivision) was one of the greatest things we have ever done, because it empowers the organization with special sovereignty rights and diplomatic privileges internationally as if we were our own nation or tribe of people. The 'specialness' of it all lies within a very fine circle that exempts the organization and its members based in international law, diplomacy, nobility, respect, honor, grace and peace, obtainable to all good natural persons.

All of this is great if you are one of our members, part of the team, have been trained as a goodwill ambassador, and have ultimately received your letters patent. Supporting our team of goodwill ambassadors is also good if you are an active participant (global citizen) or sign-up as a consumer of the special handmade and homemade, lines of artisan crafted products that we can offer to you which are available no where else on the planet and many new things that none of us have ever heard of through our native indigenous friends around the world who through our organization have access to (duty-free fair-trading)global commercial markets for their community production. It is also good for your security to know that we own a small town in the Amazon that you can visit as a special guest and even use one of our hammocks for the week while taking up a detox routine, enjoying our (planned) waterpark, or preparing for an ayahuasca ceremony with one of the local shamans!

In 2016 we continue to work on a major development and start-up which can make personal sovereignty available to all people that are travelers, expats and those who consider themselves to be global citizens. The start-up office is currently planned in Vienna, Austria the birthplace of modern diplomacy and begins its operation in the months ahead. To become involved with this project or a member of the partnership you must join the cooperative as an equal shareholder or as an associate which provides some special benefits.

Have Ideas? Are you Confident about your Ideas?

Our program is in reality just beginning and getting off-the-ground in 2016, we are starting fresh with a clean-slate; all new rules, bylaws and checkpoints preserve our ability to function in a forward manner without doubts or set-backs (except with some volunteers, whom we all love). :)

We also want to develop an immense team, we found that not all of our members are as interested or motivated about some ideals as others may be. Generally under organizational principles from the membership sub-groups or teams are commissions and formed through committees who have special skills and interests in a particular endeavor. To be successful we are willing to expand and make special assignments relative to responsibilities and sub-group leaderships. To accomplish this we want to expand the group from 30 to 300 this year while we promote small projects that finance our cooperative organizational activities here and throughout our website.

Join Us Now, Become Part of the Partnership

We are dedicating 2016-2017 to team building and extending cooperative programs through treaties with recognized independent autonomous nations and communities (with their own lands including US Reservation Lands) looking to pursue their sovereignty and self-determination through their own understood self-governance notwithstanding the national government. All of the programs developed through partnerships must indirectly create brotherhoods, sisterhoods, friendships, and unify people under the ideals of fairness, equality and sharing. For this reason we are always looking for those who can lead and bring their special charismatic personal dynamics to others who understand cooperation, team work and the power of the human experience.

Different Kind of Charitable Partnership (Cooperation Based)

Generosity by Indiegogo

Most Indiegogo Partnerships are developed and operated by users that are funding their organization through co-op (funding) their content (ideals) and through other monetized formats or actually making the projects the partner's own content from the ideas presented and actually introduced, a good deal for many with little experience or with ideals that would not have a chance otherwise. Some partnerships were really great because they helped small medical, charity, isolated and friendship causes to get mainstream attention for their uniqueness. These types of partnerships helped millions in Nepal other natural catastrophes, we nearly launched a project under our partnership arrangement at that time as well last year just because of the viral ideal of helping recover Nepal. At around that same time Indiegogo had recently introduced Indiegogo Life which was recently replaced by their new innovated website and platform called Generosity.

Many partnerships lost their appeal when Indiegogo's new brand-product called Generosity (see our profile there) came online which provides good random exposure, draws lots of appeal, and timely requests make it a good direct funding path for small groups and individuals.

 Different Approach

Our programs and project plans here are different because we are a cooperative, which is actually much better for the user because they know that the funds benefit a community development foundation instead of any one person, corporate interest, or small group of insiders. As a team that is cloud-based we can practically and functionally establish missions and projects in any country quickly and easily with willing volunteers, a good Internet connection and the right resources (currently limited in some remote regions of the Amazon where Internet and cellphone connectivity is selectively banned or restricted).

Cooperative Growth

The Indiegogo campaigns we develop as a partnership team through the formation of international project committees 5-27 people will build our organization's portfolio of properties, programs, and projects. New missions, landmarks and project destinations in the name of the organization are formed through the initiating members who also become responsible for destination management.

The projects that we introduce will allocate up to 23% of income to pay off commissions to Indiegogo, PayPal and other service fees

if you become a member it is even better because you become a 1/1000th.

Initially our partnership will focus primarily on our own general development as a cooperative, getting our team members on the same page with special technology and weatherproof tablets, this will allow us to securely and transparently function globally using our own cloud-based wide-area network (WAN).

Because we are a cooperative and our organization belongs to our members we do not exercise

we had in coordination and collaborating our work efficiently without hiring professionals and spending as much as it costs to raise a project with advertising and cooperative promotion.

to have your project considered for development under the partnership please create your campaign using the green button from this page. Make sure you become a Globcal International Team Member or Associate Member by contacting Ambassador Col. David Wright. Those who are properly affiliated will receive the support of the ambassadors network.

Our official Partnership Banner (pictured here, above) is subject to change to an official design whence we adopt one; until then this shall do us well and emulates the colors needed to inspire confidence and ecology at very least.

Our other representation of our program here depicts the 3³ Registry Cube, the Earth and a checkmark which together represent the required values of all desirable programs which all comes back down to one area "environmentally sustainable integrity and our own awareness or consciousness."

Our Specialty Large Scale ProjectsCreate a Campaign with the Globcal e³ Team on Indiegogo

Some of the more common problems, disappointments, and misconceptions about funding international aid projects for charitable purposes, in microfinance, or through crowdfunding projects is relative to individual program developers ability to properly plan, follow through, and sometimes implement their projects relative to other factors in such societies such as war, political conflict, local corruption, and bureaucracy. There are also a certain number of programs that have fraudulent organizers.

The Globcal International Commission in its formation and mission to assist people directly in 2013 built safeguards into the foundation and infrastructure design for the highest level of transparency through the development of the earth cubed or e³ Integral Framework.

Our e³ concept was authored for both ends of the spectrum; the crowdfunding funders that help idealists and for the project inventors, artists and creators that use crowdfunding to promote their ideas.

To expand crowdfunding to be able to assist more significant endeavors.

Ike M. I.Khamisani, Willis Kabuye, Djordje Marinkovic, Deborah Levine, Karen Cantrell, Dmitri Demidenko, Wakeen Edmonds, Maria Veneke, Luis Cruz Diaz, Sonia Ceballos, James Pennington, and David Wright

Over the coming months join us to better develop and design the project.

Contact: Col. David J. Wright, Author: Globcal International on Google+

Field Office Location: Ekobius International, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas, Venezuela 7101
For More Information Contact: Col. David J. Wright, Amazonas, Venezuela (+58) 426-111-0529

Globcal International Ambassadors established a partnership with Indiegogo to facilitate the development of ecologically sustainable intentional communities that are socioeconomically independent and self-sufficient.

The project allows us the ability to develop large scale sustainable human settlements in accordance with our future needs. Follow us to learn more, our project models are under development now for use beginning now in 2014.