Ebooks, PDFs, White Papers, and Documents

Globcal International maintains approximately 500 gigabytes of files relative to our areas of focus and work including databases, documents, blockchain identification, contacts, personal data, and all other types of information required or needed by the organization that attribute to its success. Our library (pdf documents) contains more than 10,000 copyrighted titles that have been acquired through donations, peer reviews, submissions and our own members collaborations. Copyright law prohibits open-source access to most of the titles because of international copyright laws so the libraries are only accessible to members.

Non-Member Access (Public Downloads)

There are literally thousands and thousands of resources online that people can download directly from their source(s) if you know how to build a search script or string in Google to query them, but alternatively to perform good research you may need to use alternative search methods just because many resources are either blocked, excluded or not indexed by Google often due to a website (authors) inadequacies with the Internet or now Web 3.0.

Important Informational Documents

Below is a list of some of the things we have found and dowloaded for free as Creative Commons resources to share here on our server. For a list of additional publicly accessible resources see below.

Open-Source, Public Servers and Search Methods

There are hundreds perhaps thousands of resources online that you can get access to either free as a user or as a registered member of a particular library or repository.  Here are a few of the most important ones we have collected.