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Globcal e³ Earth Cubed

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Bulb in the Cloud e3 Invention

We had an idea and started by thinking about ourselves as a social media activist team setting out to change culture and consciousness based on the faith that everyone on the planet wants a better world.

During the course of our work as social network consultants, connectors, and protagonists we discovered that everyone was already very busy already in their lives, even though they want to make a difference. So we set out to develop a way that we could share important life changing and world changing projects with simplicity and significance. e³ is the result of our work! Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Creating Cooperation and Sustainability

The number 3 (three), is very unique and special in the universe; it is a favorite among mathematicians and it is the smallest effective number of people that can be used to form a cooperative group or community.

Being effective and accomplishing our goals is the natural number one priority for all of us as human beings with all our projects, interests, demands and responsibilities, especially those created and given from our hearts.

For some of us helping other people and performing worthwhile charitable work is the medicine we need to fulfill ourselves. It's true for the organizers of Globcal anyway and perhaps it is for you too.

Ecological Integrity [ Air + Water + Earth = Life ]

In case you did not know all the water we drink and all the air we breathe are products of nature. Food, shelter, cosmetics, medicine and many more basic elements of life are derived or collected directly from ecosystems and through the natural life cycles of organisms and the other elements of our natural world like the weather cycles, mountains, oceans, and the sunshine.

Things in nature like the number of trees in the the world directly effects the oxygen levels of the air we breathe, less trees means less air. Sure we have been hearing this all for years and we know it all, but now the oxygen and free carbon in the atmosphere are reaching undesirable levels and causing global warming.

Any upset or deviation in these natural cycles can result in undesired events and situations like floods, droughts, unseasonable weather, and ecological imbalance.

Three Dimensional (3D) Fractional Cube

3D Fractional Cube

Don't let the cube or some of the big words throw you off, we set up this program to be easy and fun. Our goal is that we as crowdfunding promoters, participants, equitable investors, social media friends, international diplomatic corps, heads of state, celebrities, remote community members, Indiegogo junkies, and goodwill beneficiaries can all participate interactively and transparently as volunteers and supporters by sharing as few as 3 hours online, every e³ cycle in a project over 3 months.

In just one e³ season the power of the crowd can transform a village out of poverty and on a sustainable path to a brighter future for the village and for the world through the derived ecosystem services through their healthy maintenance and care.

Watch the Project as it Happens

Our goal was to create and develop a social network platform community based on trust and integrity that could effect change locally for communities and globally as an interactive integral socially responsible citizen community.

It was a great challenge until we added everything up and then multiplied the new trends in social media and networking integrity, then we combined human personal responsibility and the enthusiasm particular people have who want to change the world. 

Sometimes its often too difficult for some of us to take on new tasks, even if we want to because they appeal to us. This is often because of all the other things we are already doing in life would become disrupted or we would fear that we cannot dedicate enough time to be successful in our efforts.

This inspired us to find a way to simplify the process by which new projects get funded that help people out of poverty and saves lives without austere, complicated, or bureaucratic circumstances for the volunteers or for participants.

Thanks to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Foursquare, HootSuite, TwooDo, and other new cloud-based systems in combination with the savvy start-up advice of Guy Kawasaki and others we modified an eclectic ideal using all the best practices and resources that we could muster to bring the world a tiny-bit closer, and establish memorable and strong relationships through charity, human compassion, peace and love for the planet earth.

To make our difficult cooperative work effort more fun, easy, accountable and to create integrity, we simply cubed our three primary objectives, so we could better organize and concentrate our focus together as a team. With this system if you can count to three you will do fine.

Crowdfunders connect with goodwill ambassadors and that's where the fun begins.

The [globcal e³] project is a successful open-source crowdfunding system that was developed for use by our volunteer staff and friends using social networks; the system is based on a progressive to-do list that creates integrity, cohesion and accountability interactively among team members of any online project.

Open-source online workshops will be held by the anonymous developers in January, meanwhile our organization Globcal has been granted the special privilege of using the system for the first time publicly as an open-source system.

The successful method which has always been considered 'a secret' among the crowdfunding elite, has been used and tested in over 25 different crowdfunding platforms.

Try the [globcal e³] system now as a member, volunteer, or ambassador in practice so you can become one of the first certified open-source users.

We will be teaching the practical aspect of the system to our campaign participants initially using Indiegogo for several practice crowdfunding campaigns, prior to the release of our new phoneapp and a modified crowdfunding platform with the open-source [globcal e³] system incorporated in 2014.