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Amish Ways

There is nothing more hospitable or welcoming than the simple living and country style of the Amish and their brothers the Quakers and Mennonites that were culturally developed in Pennsylvania under William Penn. While the rest of the world moved forward concurrently with the advancements of our modern contemporary society the Amish were promised self-determination and guided by the laws established by William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania. Today only the Amish, the Hutterites and some Old-Order Mennonite sects have managed to resist electricity and modernization.

With the Amish in particular there are many appreciable factors relative to their culture and likewise tied to a strict ignorance toward personal religious interpretation. There is much debate as to whether the simple living and plainness of the Amish is strictly religious or more practical in reality, the Amish in general are not effected during the times of economic change as are other companies; today their societies thrive.

A Borderless Nation of Sustainable Pioneers

Since the Amish have arrived in America and settled originally "primarily" in Lancaster, Pennsylvania from the original American settlers and invitees of William Penn to escape religious persecution the Amish have divided and sub-divided a number of times and today we can find independent populations developing and establishing new roots in Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Canada and Mexico. To them all land is sacred and the same in God, they as a people have been self-governed and are accepted in other nations a people with their individual right to self-determination.

Respecting Faith and Building Friendships based in Simple-Living?

Our objective with Amish Ways is to openly advocate, embrace and promote the simple living lifestyle as an answer to basic sustainability. We are not here to profess the faith of the now divided 20 plus Amish groups that have emerged since the 1600s.

About the Author: The author of this program Col. David J. Wright was raised among the Amish in Southeastern, Pennsylvania for a considerable number of years then one year when he left and never returned.