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  Globcal International e3 Global Citizen Passport Companion Project

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Practicing What we Preach HTML5 | CSS3 | RDFa | JSON

Demonstrating best practices in the semantic web 3.0, in the cloud, embedded to the 'blockchain,' and the global big-data movement. Conforming over 1000 pages and delivering the type of presentation that we desire which is free of pervasive Internet sharing technologies is quite a job.

Providing Detailed Information About Human Liberty, Life, Freedom, and Sustainability

Under Construction

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Globcal e³ ® - Globcal International - Registration enforced and manifested under applicable international law, all rights reserved through first-use and authorized intentional publication in the electronic frontier as an original 'Creative Work' as a fully functional Web Site.

Globcal International is a non-governmental organization, non-state actor, offshore cooperative enterprise, civil social network, and international charitable foundation that is independently supported, sponsored and endorsed by Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation, Inc. founded 1994 in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Globcal International belongs to its membership and those who have equally invested together to manifest its formation as an unincorporated offshore foundation and fraternal cooperative fellowship society of natural persons.

Globcal International follows a wide-range of standards and norms that are international, universal, world-wide or global in their scope to govern and administrate our formation and continued actual development. As a workplace, internally we strive to maintain a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct within a Positive Work Environment. Globcal International liability, trademark/service mark registrations, document use, and software licensing rules apply. Your interactions with this site are in accordance with our privacy statements.