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The Semantic Web 3.0

The web that is connected to you and everything else in the world.

Relative links for the use of the Semantic Web and the 5G Grid will dramatically change the global legal landscape by 2021. With Globcal International we hope to help you control your semantic identity to maintain your individualism, keep your horizons open, and maintain a free lifestyle of your choice. Though the use of attributes recognition and civil participation as an international (global) citizen you can raise your profile and take adavange of the hidden benefits of our ecclesiastical and civil order that dominates our society. The key to gaining benefits is in your presentation, purpose and understanding of these complex systems if you need the privileges or know about them in the first place.



Everything in the Internet of Things (IoT) has its place and is connected to other things which in essence make something what it is.

What are Semantics?



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Globcal International was founded on May 09, 2009, with ambassadors, embassies and offices information on a global scale. Our legal name, Globcal International can be found associated with our brand, Globcal e³, and it can be found incorporated in our start-up cooperative enterprise involving global citizenship development. Globcal International publishes its own works and is the responsible international non-governmental organization for the website and domain.

Resource type: WebSite
Description: International non-governmental organization and non-state actors engaged in the grassroots globalization development movement embracing concepts in human rights, indigenous peoples, global citizenship, individual sovereignty, international law, and the (global goals) sustainable development goals in the 21st century.

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Globcal International; Strohmayergasse 3; Vienna, WIE A-1060 Austria

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Also see our "contact" page for extended RDF Data, our locations, mailing addresses, and telephone information. Use the "directory" to locate particular ambassadors, projects and program departments. We are working hard to keep the website up-to-date with the best and most practical acceptable cross-platform methods and standards under HTML5, CSS3, and RDF 1.1, questions and comments about the website can be made directly to the "webmaster" or in writing to one of our registrars or fiduciary officers. For general inquiries please contact us directly through one of our social media pages or by email here from our contact page.

Globcal e³ ® - Globcal International - Registration enforced and manifested under applicable international law, all rights reserved through first-use and authorized intentional publication in the electronic frontier as an original 'Creative Work' as a fully functional WebSite, herein see our AboutPage, CollectionPage, ContactPage, ProfilePage, QAPage, and also our Semantic users area with ArticlePages, Blogs, Books, Courses, DataSets, DigitalDocuments, Movies, Photographs, Recipes, VisualArtworks, WebPages and other WebSites.


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