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Globcal International in the Social Media

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and Many Others

Demonstrating Best Practices with Social Network Platforms and with Professional Networks

Social media connections, take your choice.

Social Media and Social Content

The use of the social media are independent personal decisions of each of our individual ambassadors, you probably will not necessarily find all of them everywhere.

Our organization supports interactional development in several platforms through a well-developed semantic network based on Microdata Schemas. Our current priority networks we work with together include Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Blogspot, Indiegogo, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, HootSuite and Twoodo.

Ad Hoc Social Media Work Groups

Internally Globcal has a number of individuals, workgroups, and ad hoc committees that each ambassador independently develops to impulse their particular goals with experts, technicians, scholars, and scientists to design, evaluate ideals and ensure transparency, political and governmental neutrality. We have over 200 tested pages and polls that we have developed and generated our findings from.

Discover the Globcal International Network using Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Kiva, Datahub.io, Storify, VK, LinkedIn, XING, Indiegogo, United Nations, Blogger, Instagram, Indiegogo, Idealist, Indeed, YouTube, About.me, Tumblr, Feedburner, Who'sWhoZA, Klout, Weblio, Moz, Scoop.it, Academia, Delicious, WebOfTrust (WOT), Github, Yatedo, Weebly, Etsy, eBay, zoominfo, Causes and many others.

Globcal Basic Network Schema

Other Social Media Interaction Plan

Globcal International has a closed-circuit data pipeline based on simple cloud principles.


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