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International Indigenous Unity Flag

Authored by the Honorable Col. Michael Lawrence Sher of Toronto

The International Indigenous Unity Flag was conceived and developed to unite indigenous people no matter where they are in the world through the transcultural symbolism of the medicine wheel. The flag has been presented for demonstration and has been used as a flag, banner and symbol on 6 continents.

Moving forward, people marching with the Indigenous Unity Flag.

Adopted by Globcal International

In September of 2015 Globcal International adopted the International Indigenous Unity Flag to represent its programs within indigenous nations in Belize, Colombia, Guyana, Mexico and in Venezuela. Today the symbol promoted by the flag is being used and adapted with His Excellency Ambassador Col. Michael Sher for an international diplomatic award for international ambassadors that establish projects involving international cooperation.

To continually promote and use the symbol as a global one to represent the ideal of indigenous unity we are establishing a charitable foundation that provides educational information and goes to deliver flags around the world.

Chartered as a Non-State Global Citizen

To protect the ideal of the Indigenous Unity Flag and promote it internationally we have to set-up an international charitable foundation that exists notwithstanding the jurisdiction of nation-states or governments that can potentially restrict or limit the rights of indigenous nationals Introducing the flag and authorship of Ambassador Michael Sher to the collective and global consciousness as a symbol for indigenous people to recognize legally needed to be protected from a global perspective so it cannot be snubbed or otherwise discriminated against by the nation-state.

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