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Col. David Wright / David Jeffrey Wright

Webmaster, Network Engineer, and Host Technician

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Sometimes the quality of the website is not in its beauty, but rather its functionality, uniformity, simplicity, and integrity, we call it FUSI style. You can change the CSS and make it look however you want! During the building stage however we will be keeping it very square.

It has been said that if you can't find anyone to do it the way you want it done then you must do it yourself. I am a consultant, author, contractor and network design engineer working at the,, and websites. My stuff is not too fancy or artistic, I never claimed to be an artist, just your webmaster here in this role as author in residence.

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Voice Mail / Facsimile: +58-212-516-0361 in the US Eastern Time Zone
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Ecology Crossroads
Col. David J. Wright
302 General Smith Drive
Richmond, Kentucky 40475 USA

Professional contacts only please use the address listed and the company name exactly as shown above.

To contact me relating to private and personal matters please use the email address at the following email address To visit my personal biographic home page for my work with Globcal please click here.

Globcal International:

Col. David J. Wright is the webmaster for Globcal International and principle author. Job title: Webmaster About David: Col. David J. Wright is began his creative conservation career protecting endangered species of turtles and tortoises in Delaware over 25 years ago. Today he works with the indigenous people of the Amazon finding solutions for sustainable resource collection and establishing sustainable values. The colonel works progressively as the author, focalizer and webmaster of Globcal International.

Residence Address: Km. 24 Via Gavilan, Ekobius, Amazonas 7101 Venezuela (+58) 212-516-0361 DOB: 12/24/1967 Col. David Jeffrey Wright
Nickname: D. Jeffrey Wright or David (Jeff) Wright
Online Aliases: Okios Elitheros, Problemsmith, Disputatious

Ambassador Col. David Wright

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Globcal International was founded on May 09, 2009, with ambassadors, embassies and offices information on a global scale. Our legal name, Globcal International can be found associated with our brand, Globcal e³, and it can be found incorporated in our start-up cooperative enterprise involving global citizenship development. Globcal International publishes its own works and is the responsible international non-governmental organization for the website and domain.

Resource type: WebSite
Description: International non-governmental organization and non-state actors engaged in the grassroots globalization development movement embracing concepts in human rights, indigenous peoples, global citizenship, individual sovereignty, international law, and the (global goals) sustainable development goals in the 21st century.

International Post Office and Information Center
Globcal International; Strohmayergasse 3; Vienna, WIE A-1060 Austria
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